Suspect charged after dragging trooper by car

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ST. LOUIS, MO (KTVI) - A Missouri Highway Patrol Trooper has been hospitalized this morning after she was dragged by a car during a traffic stop in St. Charles. The trooper was taken by ambulance to St. Joseph's  Health Center on First Capitol Drive.  Sgt. Al Nothum, a spokesperson for the Highway Patrol, said that the trooper suffered non-life threatening injuries.

St. Peters police pulled over the car that allegedly dragged the trooper at Highway 79 and Salt River Road.  It was a red 1991 Toyota Celica.

Marc StaszcukThe driver was identified as Marc Staszcuk of Foristell. He's charged with 2nd degree assault on a law enforcement officer and felony resisting arrest.

The incident began around 1:30a.m. Thursday morning at I-70 east and Highway 94 in St. Charles.
Nothum said the trooper pulled over the Celica for a traffic stop.  As she walked up to the car, the driver sped off dragging the female trooper a substantial distance.  After she was able to break free, the trooper was able to get back to her cruiser and call for help.

Meanwhile, the Celica driver turned around and went west on I-70.  St. Peters police spotted the car a short time later and pulled it over without any problems.

Nothum said the injured trooper is 26 years old.  She has been released from the hospital.


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      • RBN

        People are hurt everyday while at work. I don’t understand the sensationalizing of this event. I don’t like to see anyone get hurt I just don’t get the angle fox is using here. Maybe to get you folks riled up?

  • Proud Aunt of a Missouri State Highway Patrol Officer

    To the rest of you wonderful people posting your not so wonderful comments, make sure you have all the facts before you assume the story you are reading is correct. She is not a Rookie, if you read the story she is a 3 year veteran, she did not hold onto the car. You were not there, so you do not know how it all went down. And I pray you, your family and friends never need an officers assistant. But if you do, I hope it is my niece. She is nothing but courteous, kind and professional. I also hope you and your family never have to deal with an accident caused by a drunk driver. Did you ever think that by her pulling him over that she may have saved the life of someone you know. God knows what would have happened if she had not stopped him. If he was drunk and stupid enough to injure an officer, no telling how bad it could have been for an innocent person just driving down the highway. So thanks to all you for your support and I hope you have safe day out there on the roads. At least there is one less drunk idiot out there.

    • nolongernieve

      Please tell your niece thank you for doing what she does to protect us citizens. My sister is a police officer so I know all to well how many disrespectful idiots are out there that have plenty of bad things to say about things they know nothing about. Those idiots need to pray they never need a police officer to protect them because there is a thing called Karma. Praying for her quick recovery.

    • Just Me

      Skip would be so “PROUD”.
      Do you think family and friends will be able to post his bond so we can “Honor” Skip’s wishes for this gentleman?

  • Law Abiding Citizen

    People need to start respecting law enforcement period. Someday you will need the help/assistance of a peace officer, plain and simple. When you need that assistance reflect on this time when you felt so negative about law enforcement and find it within yourself to have an attitude adjustment for the men and women protecting and serving your community. That’s all

    • rose

      LAW ABIDING, I agree, so much corruption with Law Enforcement Officers and Judges breaking the law has hurt the respect people should have for them. My brother is Ill Highway patrol in So. Ill. They couldn’t pay me enough money to do their jobs. I am not pulling a car over at 2 A.M. going 90 MPH, no plates, and walking up to that vehicle, sorry, I just would not do that. I respect Law Officers all the way, a few bad apples ruin it for all, the bad are really a very small percentage of them, but they are the only ones that make the news most of the time.

  • Me44

    The comments i read on here are so disheartening. :( This cop is a friend of mine and shes a great person. The amount of disrespect for another human being is SO disappointing. A good person got hurt last night. WHO CARES about why or how. No one deserves to have that happen. I hope and pray she has a fast recovery. And i hope and pray to never see comments like this again.

  • Tim Wilson

    Your comment sounds like it comes from a person who has been arrested many times in the past.
    Or you are a person who tried to become a Police Officer and washed out.
    But one thing is for certain you are an Asshxxx.
    The next time you find yourself in need of police service call your local dope dealer.
    But for now stay in your mother’s basement where you probably live and play on the computer.

  • TheREALByeBye2TheLostRite

    This guy just looks like one genuine nice guy, though, doesn’t he? Isn’t he one of those guys on Duck Dynasty?

    I guess when I see folks like this the police pull over, it makes me realize that cops can have a hard job, too. I also realize there are a lot of arrogant jerk cops out there with fat heads that drove them to that profession, but like any other group of people there are the good ones, too – and dealing with folks that look like this is probably no fun.

    Steven – don’t you recognize this guy? I think it’s one of your Tea Party open carry, bible-totin’ friends. Aren’t you guys, like, tight?

  • Common Sense

    Crazy idea maybe, but how about…ummm…LETTING GO and not getting dragged?? She was holding on to SOMETHING on that car – steering wheel, key, window frame, whatever – just LET GO rather than try to be Cop Hero.

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