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Two semi-trucks collide at near I-55 and 141

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ST. LOUIS, MO (KTVI) - Two tractor-trailer trucks collided on northbound I-55 just south of 141.  There are reports that a person may have died in the accident.

A witness tells FOX 2 that the the semi-trucks collided while trying to slow down.  A truck fire on I-55 at the Butler Hill exit has all lanes of I-55 shut down.  Traffic is stopped in both directions of the highway.

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  • Matt

    Hey Elliot Davis, maybe you could have a profile pic where you weren’t grinning like an idiot when you report fatal accidents.

    • Lindsay

      That is the best you can contribute to this story? That you are condemning someone for not changing their profile picture according to the type of news story they are covering? Your comment is idiotic.

  • Danielle Phillip

    I wish u new ppl would stop going so crazy over getting pictures it’s absolutely terrible to look at these pictures and have to remember the day that we found out my uncle died the exact same way Family’s don’t like looking at pictures everywhere either.please stop taking pictures like that and putting them out there because it just bothers people like us thank you

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