81-year-old man flashes Bread Co. customers; act caught on camera

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SUNSET HILLS, MO (KTVI) - An 81 year-old man was caught on camera exposing himself at a St. Louis County restaurant.

If you happened to be eating at the St. Louis Bread Company on Lindbergh Blvd. in Sunset Hills this past Wednesday, it’s possible that you noticed something pretty shocking.

According to Sunset Hills police, 81 year-old Donald Tinsley was inside the restaurant when he exposed his genitals, with the intent of causing alarm to anyone who saw.

A witness took a picture of it on her camera, and Tinsley was quickly identified by police. Now, the Caseyville, Illinois resident is charged with Sexual Misconduct in the First Degree.

In response to the incident, a company spokesperson states, “St. Louis Bread Company is a restaurant where our guests and associates should feel safe and welcome, and therefore we have zero tolerance for this type of behavior. We will cooperate fully with the police in their investigation.”

Customers tell FOX 2 they were shocked by the incident, especially since it happened at a St. Louis Bread Company, and especially at this particular location. It’s closest to the company’s headquarters, and known as the “corporate store,” where they experiment with new menu items, and provide tableside service. Customers say they aren’t scared off by this inappropriate exposure, but do feel offended.

Customer Rea Bedalli says, “That’s kind of weird. It’s a comfort food place. I didn’t think someone would get that comfortable, you know?”

Customer Mike Barrett adds, “I’m quite surprised, I wouldn’t expect something like that to happen out here in Sunset Hills, but I guess those things can happen anywhere. It’s unfortunate, and hopefully it’s an isolated incident.”

It may be an isolated incident at this St. Louis Bread Company , but that’s not the case with the suspect. According to court records, Tinsley was convicted of a similar sexual misconduct charge this past December.


  • Kena Jones

    Cut off his genetelia and this would no longer happen. Sickening to hear such a thing. Shame on this old perverted man.

    • Bill Kowalski

      Problem is jail space. Non violent offenders have a very good chance of getting no jail time because our jails are already overloaded. The judge could be all about law and order but would pretty quickly you can’t lock people up if there’s no jail that will take them.

    • Super Cat

      I’m willing to bet that he used to be a teacher in one of these school districts, Francis Howell, Ft. Zumwalt, St. Peters or St. Charles. Don’t blame the judge…blame the pervert!

  • Gino Marino

    “shocked” that it happened in Sunset Hills? Wise up people, just as many perverts in Sunset Hills as anywhere else!

  • metatronking

    The way things start sagging on elderly people luckily he did not trip on it and fall.
    But really this kind of behaviour is more suitable for panteras.

  • Justthinking

    He is 81 perhaps they should look in to his medical to see if perhaps he has some type of dementia going on, or make sure his medication isn’t all messed up. I’m not happy it happened but there maybe a larger issue at hand other than him being an old pervert.

  • Shirlene

    I would definitely be looking into this mans medical history, people do bizarre things that they would never do when they have Alzheimers, dementia, a brain tumor, take Ambien, and other medication regime abnormalities. I’m not saying this type of behavior should be condoned, but something could be wrong and no one is looking. I know he had done this before, which really should make people wonder why!

    • Mari

      This poor man needs to be tested for Lewy Body disease. It’s a form of dementia and people with this disease often do this. I was a neurology nurse and I’ve seen this type of behavior and worse, with some patients. I just hope this man has family that can get him some help. He will only get worse if he doesn’t get the care he needs.

  • Shaniqua Jefferson

    Maybe it was one of the “new items on the menu” .
    Be thankful he didnt butter the bread and perform some “comfort food” act with “tableside service”.

  • Sharon

    I think it’s awful however why does sunset hills fell they should be exempt from this kind of thing ? Are they better then the rest of us?

  • Deborah Uetz

    I would be interested to know if this man is showing signs of dementia. Diseases like Alzheimer’s block all inhibition and people say and do things that they would never have done if they were healthy. My father died of Alzheimer’s disease and his behavior was drastically different from the real father I had known.

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