Armadillos invading St. Louis

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ST. LOUIS, MO (KTVI) - Armadillos are usually something you would think of as living in Texas, but they're headed north and appearing here in the Bi-state area.

Walt Crawford from the World Bird Sanctuary, joins Randi Naughton to talk about how they're "Invading St. Louis."

For more information visit:  The World Bird Sanctuary




  • Mark

    They’ve been down here in SE Mo for years. I guess they are heading north because of the mild winters. And yes they will trash your yards.

  • Rich

    Fox 2 please do some research before you post stuff…I mean that is part of journalism isn’t it?….yes you would think of Armadillos in Texas, but they are not migrating to Missouri because of warmer temps…MDC is trading white tail deer to Texas and in exchange Texas is trading Armadillos to Missouri. ..they started the program a few years back probably about 2005 releasing them into SEMO and SWMO…and the only migration taken place is within the state of Missouri.

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