Innocent bystander shot in shoulder while at downtown bar

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ST. LOUIS, MO (KTVI) - An innocent bystander was shot when a gunman started firing in the parking lot of a Downtown St. Louis fast food restaurant early Friday morning.   Police are still looking for the shooter.

Police say the man who was shot is 22 years old. He was a total innocent victim and was hit in the left shoulder.  Investigators say the man was in the outside patio bar area of the Broadway Oyster Bar at Broadway and Gratiot when he was hit about 2am. The shot apparently came from across the street.

St. Louis police say the suspect was walking across the parking lot of a White Castle across the street from the bar firing off shots.  Investigators say the suspect was seen getting into a red Chevy Monte Carlo and speeding away from the area.

The victim, who is reportedly a trumpet player,  was taken to the hospital by ambulance. He was treated and released. He posted on his Facebook page  that he is home and recovering and that the bullet went through his shoulder, only through muscle.

He says he appreciates the love, prayers and good energy coming his way.   His name is not being released  because he is a victim of violence.

Police say they're looking at surveillance video from the area and they're asking for the public's help in finding a suspect.  He is only described as a black man in his early 20`s wearing a white t-shirt and white pants.

Anyone who knows anything about the shooting is asked to call the St. Louis Police Department or Crimestoppers.

No one else was hit or hurt.





  • Scott M

    A guy walking across a White Castle parking lot, just firing off shots, not the least bit worried about who he hits, or even being caught….

    and the folks that get nasty comments are those who have enough guts to complain about it in writing
    I always appreciate factual and even humorous comments about who exactly it is that seems to be committing 90% of the violent crime in St. Louis, because the StL Post-Dispatch ain’t gonna do it, and neither are tv or radio stations..

  • Scott M

    who exactly is it causing all the violence in this area? People from Crestwood? Indians? Amish?

    Once we figure out who it is, maybe we can draw some conclusions about what is flawed about their culture. It is not wrong to be judgmental about bad behavior.

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