Mayor Slay invites Milwaukee mayor to St. Louis following Brewers attack ad

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ST. LOUIS, MO (KTVI) - St. Louis Mayor Francis Slay released a video inviting the mayor of Milwaukee to visit St. Louis later this summer.  It is in response to a viral video attacking Yadier Molina's all star chances.

In the video Mayor Slay said, "Mayor Barrett, I'm Francis Slay the mayor of St. Louis and a life long fan of the St. Louis Cardinals. The first week of August our Cardinals will be playing your Brewers right here in St. Louis. I'd like to invite you to join me at one of the games. We can compare notes about our cities, compare local beers, and oh yes, compare catchers. Ours is a five time all star, a six time gold glover and he wears World Series rings. If you think you can make it, give me a call."

Earlier this week, the Milwaukee Brewers released attack ads targeting Molina and lobbying for Brewers catcher Jonathan Lucroy to get the all star nod.

The only problem is, he's about a million votes behind Yadi.


  • Jeffrey Brown

    Nicely done Mr. Slay, I hope the recipient of the video isn’t overly confused, since the Yadi stats are facts.

  • Albert Thomsan

    This is why the All Star game voting system is stupid. Molina’s lead is based on what he’s done in the past — no question Lucroy is superior this year in every category. But Molina wins by reputation .. not by results. For those St. Louis Fans who feel otherwise, imagine the situation reversed and Molina was a Brewer and Lucroy was Cardinal with all the same stats and history between them. Now you understand why the All Star Game is total idiocy.

    • L H

      The very same thing came to my mind re: this year’s performance. A Facebook friend of mine kept repeating over and over about how much people love Molina. I’m a Cardinal fan but believe that the MLB ought to select the players based on current year league stats. Molina has been suspended three times over the past 10 years for his aggressive behavior that includes spitting at and hitting an umpire. He had to be restrained this season because he allegedly was angry at himself and got into the face of an umpire for making a fair call.

      • Don Spickler

        Since the onset of fans voting, it has turned into a beauty contest, everyone wants their local hero in the game, it seems that the best hitter in any position gets voted in regardless of their inability to play the position

    • Joe Thomure

      Give me a break. Molina is the best catcher in all of mlb. Its not just based on hitting. He makes everyone around him better. Nice try with the batting averages. That is ridiculous. You must be a brewers fan. You dont know shit about baseballl.

  • L H

    Lucroy’s 2014 stats are higher than Molina’s. And because of the recent mudslinging from the Brewers, and because Molina throws a temper tantrum whenever an umpire calls him out fairly, I voted for someone other than Molina or Lucroy. If the MLB were to select the All Star players based on current year stats, it would literally be a whole different ball game.

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