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Normandy School District drops lawsuits; No longer considered unaccredited

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CLAYTON, MO (KTVI) - The Normandy School District has dropped all lawsuits against the state of Missouri and the proposed state take over and the transfer program.The reason for the change of course is a move the state Board of Education made earlier this week regarding the transfer law.  Now the cost of the program for an unaccredited school district will be significantly less.  The Normandy School District will no longer be considered unaccredited. It will start from scratch and have a chance to become accredited.

The state is set to replace the current Normandy School District board with a new governing board on July 1st. The district will still serve the same area but will move forward under a  new name, the Normandy Schools Collaborative. Many teachers and members of the current administration will remain. This all began last year when the state law allowed 1,000 students from the unaccredited district to transfer to better performing school districts.  Normandy was left with a $9 million dollar bill to pay for the program.  The district and community were furious. It left the district close to bankruptcy.The current board had called the transfer program unconstitutional. The Department of Education also will require students who want to use the transfer program to have been an actual student in the unaccredited district for at least one semester.

Here's a link to the press release: NSD Board Dismisses Lawsuit(1)

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  • Cit Riverview

    Close all the schools in Normandy. Disperse them to Pattonville, Jennings, and Ferguson/Florissant school district. Those districts are all on the cusp of failure. The state just needs to hurry the process at a quicker pace.

    • Ken

      They’ll be missing all those free trips to conferences and conventions. Uncontrolled “gimme, gimme” it’s all fo free spending mentality ruined this school district. Period.

  • bfs

    Man wez b neein a place to slang r drugs and knock off some hos. Pleaz keeps are skool opens yahurr me

  • Steven Sweeney

    Typical of what’s wrong with our country today.Normandy was a bad joke, with low scores and high crime.They wasted millions and millions and lost accreditation.Now due to the race card, they are GIVEN (not earned of course) a clean slate.This opens the door to losing accreditation AGAIN and wasting millions AGAIN.Nixon should be impeached over this fiasco and the hood rats will lose their ill gotten accreditation yet again.I suppose liberal white guilt will hand over millions and accreditation dozens more times.And they wonder why the black community has such low standards.

    • Cit Riverview

      I’m not sure Standards are the problem. Its fulfilling those standards that they as a group have trouble with. I’ll given an example,2+2= 4 for most of us. they as a group used this 2+2= 9 the number 4 is the amount is the amount the state of Missouri gives them, and 5 is the amount the feds give them, simple math can you understand that?

      • Nat Sirius

        2+2=9… Gotta love those new Common Core standards.

        As we all know, in the real world, 2+2=4. But, with these “wonderful” Common Core standards, whatever a kid answers will be right, as long as they can prove it. It’s a shame.

  • Mini Me

    If they are no longer unnacreddited then the students other school districts will not be forced to take the students.

      • Mini Me

        Millions of kids graduate from public schools with great educations. Parents in the hood are THE joke. They couldn’t pass 4th grade and now thier kids are doing even worse. Education starts in the home and if no priority is put on education at home the kid will fail no matter how much money the school district throws at them. Isn’t it odd that these problems are isolated to “certain” neighborhoods? You don’t see poor immigrant kids dropping out and English isn’t even their first language.

  • Groovy Chick

    The whole public school system has been a sad joke for decades. Culture glorifies the “gangsta” ideals. Kids have been getting dumbed down more all the time. That movie “Idiocracy” tells the story of things to come if things don’t change. My kids went to Catholic school until their freshman year, then went to public high school, and they met their first dumb kids. It was a shock for them. Private schools spend a fraction of the money per child than public schools and can produce well-educated children.

    • Cit Riverview

      be fair, public schools have to take all kids. the proof is district like Riverview and Normandy and the city of St.louis school system, If any of believe that the city system has met the standards then I have a bridge 4 sale over the Mississippi!

  • STL teacher

    What everyone is missing is that this exact process was inflicted on St. Louis City Schools, Wellston and RIverview…..are those districts improved any by state intervention? Absolutely not, the only difference is what is occurring in the state run districts is kept out of the media? Have the test scores improved in Riverview since the state take-over??? Nope have continued to decline. So why are we doing this again??… What is the point of continuing to do something that doesn’t work?? Isn’t that the definition of stupidity?

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