Francis Howell won’t take any more Normandy students

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ST. LOUIS, MO (KTVI) -Normandy students who were attending the Francis Howell School District as transfers from their unaccredited district won’t be allowed to return in the fall. The Francis Howell School Board has decided to stop accepting “nonresident” tuition-paying students.

The decision comes after Monday’s decision by the Missouri State Board of Education to reconstitute the Normandy District as the Normandy Schools Collaborative and eliminate its “unaccredited” status. Francis Howell issued a statement Friday saying that effectively removed “the legal requirement for districts to accept Normandy transfer students.”

Read the full release from the Francis Howell School District here.

No more students will be allowed to transfer from the newly formed Normandy Schools Collaborative. All transfer applications from Normandy students for the 2014-2015 year that were pending are now void.

Additionally, students who transferred from the unaccredited school district to a better performing school district can be sent back at the discretion of those districts. Parents of students who transferred other districts last year need to contact those districts to find out if their students will be sent back to Normandy.

The Francis Howell School District is the first to state that it will send all of transfers back to Normandy.

The state is in the process of setting up the new Normandy Schools Collaborative, which will serve students in the same area that the Normandy School District did for years. As a new collaborative, it will not be considered unaccredited.

Normandy School District released a statement Friday afternoon.  It reads:

“Today, the Normandy School District received notification that the Francis Howell School District (FHSD) will no longer accept nonresident tuition paying students for the 2014-15 school year. The hundreds of Normandy students who participated in the transfer program this year at Francis Howell will once again be welcomed by teachers, staff, administrators and the community of the Normandy Schools Collaborative. “Our focus and mission remains the same as the new Normandy Schools Collaborative – to ensure that every student is successful inside the classroom by reaching their full academic potential,” said Dr. Ty McNichols, superintendent of schools. “We look forward to the upcoming school year.”


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  • Daaaa

    It’s official…The Francis Howell School Board is now a bunch of Racist according to Adolphus Pruitt, president of the St. Louis chapter of the NAACP!

  • Cit Riverview

    Its the best move for the lids. And it shows some backbone from FH about how poorly those transfer student did while at FH. its time people say no to those thugs that all things are not racial.

  • rose

    All kids should go to school in the school district they live in, it doesn’t matter what race you are. That is why we have districts and pay taxes to the district we live in.

    • Cit Riverview

      Allowed me to remind you about the billion and that’s BILLIONS spelled with a “B” spent on Busing those type of kids to county district because they needed to sit next to white child. The original suit was over funding schools in the city. But what really happen was it destroyed neighborhoods Like Spanish Lake. It was never about Education,it was about home building, and real estate brokers selling property to Blacks knowing whites would move. then they would sell the whites homes, away from blacks and further away from their jobs.

    • Sylvester


      What if the districts lack the resources and economics to effectively educate the kids or better yet what if your kids were living in a failing district? The school districts success are purely based on the socio-economic status of the citizens who live in the districts. So if the parents are poor and lack the knowledge I am pretty sure it will be reflected in the districts. So the correct statement to make is that all children should have the right to receive a quality education regardless of their socio-economic status in society. Some of these kids are trapped and their parents simply do not have the resources to send them to private schools. Finally, If these same families had the resources to move and live in Francis Howell you all would move and start a new district and the hate would continue so yes it is about race.

      • rose

        SYLVESTER- If you don’t believe in districts, what is your solution? Busing and overcrowding other schools? Making even longer days for students? Remember, some of these students are very young. It took me 5 years to sell my house and save enough money to relocate. These students have to make things happen in THEIR school district, and the parents have to take an interest and participate. I am open to any logical solutions that you may have. We already know what the problems are, we need solutions.

    • Sylvester

      Rose-If certain districts have more than other districts then the equitable thing to do is to pool all the money together in one educational fund (Similar to NFL Teams, There is no way a team from Saint Louis or Green Bay will be able to compete against teams from New York or Chicago if the entire league did not work together and share revenue. The teachers or administrators who have a history of high performance should be sent to the districts who are struggling and of course if educators are successful they should be given a bonus. Students in well performing districts simply do not need as much because their parents are typically educated and have access to resources. Of course Rose I cannot list a simple solution on a social media web site but this is not hard; if we wanted to really fix this we could but this is simply about politics, money, socio-economics and class probably not as much race. I am not sure how Francis Howell would have voted if it was POOR WHITE KIDS coming from a failing district; And finally I don’t believe that 350 kids would have caused overcrowding especially 350 kids who simply wanted a new experience and better education but maybe a back door deal was cut at the expense of the kids so things would get back to normal and forty years it would be same old story just different players

  • Jasmine

    I agree with Rose….Of course this is going to turn into a Race issue though. Now Francis Howell district will be considered “Racist”. I’m proud of Francis Howell for standing up for their student s that live in the district!

  • Mary

    FHSD was the first district to open their doors last year, and welcome Normandy students, without bickering about class size, like Kirkwood and Mehlville. FH accepted all that applied to come to their schools! This has nothing to do with race! It has been decided that the new Normandy has dropped the “unaccredited” status, therefore, Normandy is not required to pay for their students to attend accredited districts, and other districts are not required to accept them!!!

    • Ken

      Bickering? Kirkwood and Mehlville were at or very capacity, yet welcomed the students from Riverview Gardens as well. Where do you stay Mary? What makes you an expert on Kirkwood and Mehlville and how the RG students were treated? The Superintendents did what any good Superintendent SHOULD DO, put the resident students of their district first.

  • Martha young'Turner

    I don’t blame FH school district. It’s not racist. It’s a matter they don’t won’t to drag their district down with money problem because Normandy can’t pay their own way. They keep saying Normandy Strong well start paying for your kids schooling and quite thinking the tax payers should.

  • Bear

    I’m black and don’t think this is about race. I think it’s about money. Those districts weren’t operating out of the kindess of their hearts. They wanted that tuition money. I wouldn’t have bused my child all the way out there anyway. It’s too bad for the kids who enjoyed the FH district. Hopefully they will do their best in the new “accredited” district.

    • rose

      BEAR, Your comment is the 1st comment, from any parent or student, from Normandy, that has made any sense. Thank You.

    • LH

      For the white girls that like blacks, they will find a way to date blacks , in or out of school……trust me on that.

  • Miesha

    I still think it’s kinda dumb. These kids only been at these schools for a year. I feel bad for the kids who graduate this coming year. Normandy will not look good on their resume. Who wants to graduated from a school with no credit !!!

  • dj

    it was all about the money and I do understand. since the Normandy collaboration they’re talking about cutting the tuition in half. ill send them back to their district also. im a black man that graduated from Normandy. the problem isn’t that our children are illiterate and lost. the problem starts with the teachers that’s only there for a check. instead of encouraging the kids they quick to right them off. start with the educators, abd then come with new strategies our students may not learn the way Fh learn. ppl learn different do research abd fund out what works best for our students

  • Anonymous

    They’re returning the students but they sure aren’t returning all that money they received for them. And FYI if anybody on this post doesn’t know anything about education or DESE you should probably just keep your opinions to yourself. The media and community will have you believing ANYTHING.

  • Francis Howell Parent and tax payer

    I made the choice to move to the Francis Howell district from McCluer before my kids started school. I pay a lot more more for my house with taxes and everything else for my kids to have this education and when Normandy parents can pay our taxes and house payments they should be able to come to our school. My sons go there and this year there were a lot of fights compared to last year where the Normandy kids were fighting and police had to break it up. I am not saying all the students were bad but a majority were…come pay the taxes I do and the house payment I do and you are more than welcome to come to our school come to our school. I would love to have the taxes and house payment I had in the McCluer district but I make the sacrifice daily to send my kids to a better school…WAY TO STAND UP FRANCIS HOWELL and fight for our community…’s not racial it’s just not right to have our kids suffer when we pay these taxes…all we kept hearing on the news is Normany isn’t going to pay Francis Howell anymore it cost too much all school year so now you can save your money and my kids school doesn’t have to be over crowded and paying for kids not in the district…..

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