Prosecutor to seek death penalty against Craig Wood

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Craig Wood

(KTVI) -A prosecutor will seek the death penalty against a  one-time football coach charged with killing a 10-yer-old Springfield girl.

Craig Wood, 46, is accused of raping and killing Hailey Owens in February after throwing her into his pickup truck while she walked to her best friend’s house.

Prosecutor Dan Patterson says that Hailey’s death was “outrageous or wantonly vile, horrible or inhumane in that it involved torture, or depravity of mind.”


    • rose

      VELL, As STEVEN stated before, hood rats come in all colors. This guy is definitely one of them, he killed an innocent child,(person). I don’t believe BYEBYE would defend this animal either. I have observed both of their comments for 2 years, even though they have their differences, I believe they would both agree with this punishment. This man deserves the Death Penalty, meats all the criteria for the punishment. The innocent little girl he killed was White also, does that make a difference to you too?

  • Steven Sweeney

    Hood rats are packed on the offender registry, and kmov just had a most wanted list where black child offenders outnumbered whites more than 3 to 1. Also Africa has adults marrying 7 and 8 year olds on a daily basis in Nigeria, somalia, congo, ethiopia, etc.Harp on the one white guy that happened months ago, but ignore the thousands affected on a daily basis.Just like the 27 million slaves owned and sold by 100% black. I would fry this guy, as I stated when the story broke, but when I same the same about a black offender, you people come out with the race card.Just another reason the black community has been in shambles for decades.

      • HahahaNO

        Actually the 1st person to legally own a slave in the US was black. His name was Anthony Johnson. Also thousands of blacks had slaves. Read your history.

  • TherealByebyetotherite

    Look this guy has some issues he needs to be rehabilitated ASAP!!!! Maybe he can become a voting citizen again. And to all the hicks that wanna murder him you are know better then him.

  • Groovy Chick

    Blacks never owned slaves!!!!? If it were not for muslims in Africa capturing and selling their captives to whites, there would have never been slaves in America. Oh, yeah, I meant black slaves. There were plenty of white slaves in early America. They were called indentured servants. Same thing.

      • rose

        BYEBYE, G. CHICK is actually right about this. I know there is more to it, but, what she said is true.

    • metatronking

      Groovychick is absolutely correct. Indentured Servants were literally slaves but if they could survive they had a known freedom date. Irish, scots, poor englanders who could not pay debts. Horror stories as bad as africans in some cases.

    • rose

      BYEBYE- Yes, only white men, in America. In other countries, in history, the Black Wealthy used Black people as slaves, the underground Black people sold Black people to others to serve as slaves, not in just America. Of course only white men owned them here. We still today have children in the black market being sold as slaves for all sorts of reasons, children of all races are involved in this. Hard to imagine that such a horrible crime like this still exists even today.

    • rose

      BYEBYE, Where is all this stuff coming from? I thought this story was about an innocent child being murdered and the man guilty of murdering her facing the death penalty. What have I missed in this article?

  • voter

    just another blow hard death row will last 30 years and then da,s counter part will tell everyone that its curl and inhumane when is the B>S going to end with these courts

    • rose

      VOTER, keep voting till it does change. They will get the idea sooner or later that enough is enough.

      • George W. Money

        It is the reason why there is SO many homicides in STL City. The Blacks here will not give the DP in a jury trial and the bad guys don’t have to think about it SO they shoot away.

      • rose

        GEORGE, you are right about that, there really is not much they have to think about, or worry about. We can’t help some one that refuses to help themselves.

  • Amy B. Jordan

    Something about our justice system I find very disturbing: Two years ago, I met convicted child sodomizer, Tom Hill (, at a meetup group. He told me he sometimes attended three meetups a day, and I saw him at such events for several months. So, he was walking around, free to re-offend, while the “justice” system got their ducks in a row.

    Now, two years later, I have a neighbor who has been arrested on three counts of possession of child pornography. He is also currently walking around free, waiting for a grand jury trial—which isn’t til July.

    My concern is the long delay between such people being arrested and charged, and their removal from society. Tom Hill sodomized his own 10 year old little girl in 2003, which is a matter of public record, and yet he was still permitted to prey on society for months even after being arrested for his more recent offenses.

    Does anybody else think this is a pretty gaping flaw in our system??

    • rose

      AMY, Sorry to say, but our justice system is full of gaps that these men and woman slip through often. Fortunately, Wood, will NEVER walk around free. Our justice system needs revised in many categories.

  • EnoughPC

    Remember folks, white republicans stopped slavery. NOT black hating democrats. Why do you think ALL poverty stricken, low income, low employment cities are run by democrats. Please, someone name me one city described above, run by republicans. You idiot liberals can’t.

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