Messages seek to sway Gov. Nixon on Missouri deer

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JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. (AP) _ Messages urging Gov. Jay Nixon to veto Missouri legislation dealing with deer are outnumbering those calling for him to sign the bills.

Nixon’s office received a few hundred letters and electronic messages in the weeks after the legislative session’s end. More than five times as many messages called for Nixon to veto the law versus those who want him to sign it, according to a review by The Associated Press.

Lawmakers passed measures that would classify captive deer as livestock and give the Agriculture Department responsibility for the industry. The Agriculture and Conservation departments currently oversee it.

The legislation comes as conservation officials have advanced rules intended to combat chronic wasting disease that the deer industry contends are unnecessary and would force operators out of business.



    Thanks for this news item!

    Now I know to email Nixon and add one more voice to the clear MAJORITY who again are at odds with the laws passed by Missouri rural Republicans that represent only a TINY MINORITY of the people throughout this state.

    I wasn’t aware of this issue, but I’m going to be against any law passed by Missouri rural Republicans to defend their barbaric, primitive hick friends in the animal abuse industry!


    • Steven Sweeney

      PETA shelters kill more animals than any other shelter, and will show you that poachers are terrorists (al shabaab) and you know Obozo loves them.Cosmetics industires which tested on animals were mainly left wingers, and so were the furriers.Throw in all the union left wingers supporting all those people and the meat packers and slaughter houses.What’s left, bye bye,er, had enough of the rural right? New name, same old cluelessness.


        Muslim is the religion of peace. Every educated city person knows that only rural hicks a small percent do not.

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