Street racing reality show comes to St. Peters

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ST. PETERS, MO. (KTVI) – A Discovery Channel cable show that features street racing brought its production crew to St. Peters this weekend.  The city issued a permit and shut down Premier Parkway so the firm could film street racing overnight Saturday for the “Street Outlaws” show.  The production uses vacant streets or unused airport runways as the settings for filming.

Police officers hired by the production firm were told to keep the media and the public away from the area.

Officers refused to allow a FOX2 News crew to remain and production staff refused to be interviewed.

St. Peters spokeswoman Lisa Bedian said the officers were not part of the TV show.

Critics of the show, now in its third season, say it promotes dangerous street racing and may encourage young drivers to violate laws and race their cars in dangerous situations putting themselves and innocent drivers at risk.

A group called Evo Street Racers is campaigning to get street racing off public streets and moved to race tracks .

Premier Parkway was closed at Truman Blvd., Spencer Rd., and Executive Center Parkway at about 5:30 pm Saturday.  It was scheduled to remain off limits until early Sunday morning.  The parkway runs through farm land that is for sale for an industrial park.

Heavy rain moved in after 7 pm Saturday.  It is not known if the racing was rescheduled for another day or if it proceeded despite the bad weather.

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  • Rick

    pretty sad that st.peters took money from media to promote street racing. We tried getting them to do this once a month for street racing to more controlledd. But we cant pay 25,o00

  • brian

    I think it’s funny fox news is making news by talking about it…it’s not about advocating street racing because that’s going to happen regardless of a TV show….

  • Rickk

    You know…we probably wouldnt street race iF WE HAD SOMEWHERE TO GO!! If all the racers had somewhere to race for a reasonable price that would be great.

    • userfourfour

      You mean besides Gateway International Raceway drags as well as SCCA and NASA racing? Idiot.

    • Cory

      It really is pretty expensive, gas is more expensive on the east side too. Plus nights like midnight madness you maybe get 3 runs in if you’re lucky. Street racing is all grudge matches, racing people you want, one after another.

  • White and Beautiful

    The “Evo” group should mind their own business. Leave the real muscle to these guys!

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