Controversy over proposed raises for Florissant city officials

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FLORISSANT, MO (KTVI)-- The You Paid For It team went to Florissant to get answers about a pay plan that will give hefty raises to department heads.

Elliott Davis runs into a buzz saw from Florissant Councilman Timothy Jones who defends the pay deal.

At the heart of the controversy, some of the department heads sat on a special committee put together to study and recommend the increases for positions that included their own jobs. In essence, they played a role in helping set their salary. While directors are getting getting up to a 17 percent hike. Some lower level workers getting raises as low as 2 and 3 percent.

The recommendations got first round approval from the Florissant City Council but still needs a final vote.

A colorful scene in this You Paid For It when Councilman Jones tears in Elliott when he questions why higher up in line for the raises would be picked for the committee that recommended to the council how much they and others should be paid.

The Florissant City Council: 314-839-7601


  • Steven Sweeney

    Money for nothing, known as the liberal battle cry.North county has plenty of reasons to be upset such as high crime and failing schools, but those entitled democrats like bye bye short eyes just HAVE to line their pockets with our money.What did you expect them to do? Earn it? NEVER!

  • Rhonda

    They get a raise, and then tell me that I can’t get my street fixed, after a water main break buckled the street, because we don’t have enough money. Way to go.

  • Patricia

    Like any small town, they gorge themselves with city funds and do nothing for the city. Why do you thin there are over 10 county municipalities, all the “officials” want to keep lining their pockets rather than have St Louis County government. One of the reasons St. Louis is never going to be a major city again, it’s surrounded by little trash communities

  • north county proud

    Its funny reading comments from people who know absolutely nothing about Florissant, acting like they know all there is to know. It is apparent all you suckers simply believe everything you read and watch on tv with your one sided opinion that ALL north county cities are crime ridden and dead. The hate some people have towards north county just because of it’s diversity is disgusting. I’m white, I live in Florissant, and I love it here.

  • Mike OConnor

    City. On its way down. But raises going up what a sellout. Disgraceful.! Stand up for our town

  • Karen McKay

    The 2014 Florissant City budget became law December 2013 and runs thru November 2014. The Mayor almost always present the council with a supplementary budget three to four months into the fiscal year. This document may consist of some small over-sites and/or unforeseen funding for repairs or emergency items. It would be very unconventional for the city council to support a substantial salary increase half way through the budget year. In addition to the increase for the Mayors Department Heads does the increase include a percentage of the raise toward employees retirement plan? There are many questions council may need to review before the next council meeting.

  • Patricia

    People should never forget Bell, CA they did the same thing and some city workers had written themselves raises until they made double the salary of the President. They town was going broke.

  • David Keting

    This is why I never vote for any kind of tax increase. This is just more of a reason. You always hear how much they need to raise taxes for something and now this stuff comes out. I pay enough taxes…the money obviously is not managed right….case and point….we are paying the police chief over $100k a year…OVER $100k a year! Unreal. Everyone should take a note on what happened here. First of all, bravo to Elliott Davis. This is EXACTLY what the media is for. Holding leadership accountable to the citizens. Other media outlets should take a lesson from this. Second, never ever ever ever ever ever ever trust a guy that puts “Honest” in front of his name. Anyone that does this probably isn’t honest. Actions speak louder than words and I think this guy got busted with his actions. The guy sounds like a used car salesman. i think Florissant voters should hold the mayor and the others involved with this accountable. I know I will with my vote.

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