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Final meeting held for Normandy School Board

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(KTVI)– The elected board of the Normandy School District met for a final time Thursday night.  There were hugs and tears.  There were also concerns about a pending state takeover.

A state board will take over the district operations July 1st.  The new name for the district will be Normandy Schools Collaborative.

Current board president William Humphrey believes the transition is comparable to a relay runner dropping the baton.  He said he`s waiting for the state to live up to a promise of a joint governing board.

“None of the elected board members have been appointed to that group, so it is difficult to run a race when you`re not going to be truthful and forthright about the things that you promise,” said Humphrey.

During its final meeting, the board also voted against paying the tuition bills from students who transferred out of Normandy.  When asked why the board voted no, Humphrey declined to elaborate.

Superintendent Tyrone McNichols promised to focus on educating students.  He said the student transfer program crippled the district`s finances.  Normandy was forced to pay tuition and transportation costs for students leaving the district.

“And for our kids, it disrupted our kids` lives for a whole year,” said McNichols.

Several board members were brought to tears by a video played during their final meeting.  It recapped the past year and showed how students, parents and stake holders rallied to support he district.

“Our community came together,” said McNichols. “We`re a strong community.  We`re Normandy strong.”


  • Normandystrong

    We be strong and aint no one gon to tel us what too do you know what I sayin franc howl be all up in racest I finna talk to al a hapton and have a march .,

  • Cit Riverview

    Oh! hugs and tears. Where,were they when these kids were failing. They were no where to be found,except handing out jobs to their friends in districts,Hiring incompetent teachers from Harris Stove university. To the people of the Normandy district, your in action cause this. Not the evil White Establishment. enjoy your new Masters. Maybe if you are really good, you’ll be able to move from the Field to the House. You and you alone brought this on yourself and your child.

  • tammy

    Now they don’t want to pay the bill for last years transfers? No real surprise, ask for help, get the help, then don’t pay the bill, wow

  • Tamika

    Where are those snakes Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson? they need to be here to address these injustices

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