First Same-Sex Marriage in St. Louis Performed at City Hall

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ST. LOUIS, MO (KTVI) - A Federal Appeals court rules that states cannot deprive people of the right to marry simply because they choose a partner of the same sex.

That ruling should help St. Louis City which has now mounted the first direct challenge to Missouri's ban on gay marriage.

A press conference at 9 a.m. Thursday  at the Mayor's Office at City Hall to revealed more details on a historic event that took place  Wednesday night.

Four same-sex couples were issued their marriage licenses and married in Mayor Slay's office in City Hall on June 25th.

According to our partners at the The St. Louis Post Dispatch, even with the official marriage documents from the city, the validity of the couples' unions will be in question.  Voters approved a state-wide ban on same-sex marriage in 2004 and Missouri Attorney General Chris Koster, who enforces the state`s constitution, is expected to sue.

City officials say they plan to challenge Missouri's ban all the way to the U.S. Supreme Court if necessary.

View the video: First same sex marriage in St. Louis, performed at City Hall at 6:00 PM on June 25, 2014

Video from the ceremony provided by Macy Mehrle





    • Vandeven

      That’s rather arrogent of you to presume to know what God finds acceptable or not acceptable.

      • Whitney

        @Kayla Granger, or a man and multiple women, right? So, when the City starts allowing legally recognized polygamous marriages, you’ll celebrate those bibilcally supported unions?

      • Jim

        When was the last time Kayla had a ham sandwich or a shrimp cocktail? Was she a virgin on her wedding night? All biblical abominations. 200 years ago slaves couldn’t get married. 50 years ago interracial marriage was banned. 100 years ago women’s couldn’t vote, own property or have credit in their name. It’s called progress and it’s long over due. Let’s put this issue to bed and get on to solving global warming.

      • Elizabeth

        Vandeven, we don’t HAVE to assume what God thinks about it, he TELLS us in his word. All you have to do is read it.

        Romans 1: 26-27

      • Lloyd

        @Kayla Granger meant* woman* Ugh, why did the Holy Spirit not offer spelling and grammar lessons?!

      • Alex

        @Jim Global warming is a complete and utter hoax. All data used to “prove” global warming has been altered by the left. In fact, the US has actually been cooling since the 1930’s.

    • 4321

      The Bible does say to pull the tree out of your own eye before pulling the stick out of your brothers. However it still does say to pull the sick out of your brothers eye. People forget that. It is not judgmental to proclaim exactly what God instructs.

  • Fed Up

    How typical that “liberal” Fox2 who supports this debauchery, continues to prohibit any comments that does not fit within the “liberal left” narrative…..gee what a surprise.

  • rose

    Good for Koster for supporting our state constitution. So the City of St. Louis is going to let people do something that is against Missouri Law. They, in this case, are not going to wait for a decision from from U. S. Supreme Court. So what happens if they rule against it? I guess just a lot of wasted paper and a bunch of refunds.

  • Kelli

    Does anyone really have the right to judge. Cause im pretty sure the only one who has the right to judge some is god him self. Its not your life. Let everyone be happy and love who they want with out being judged and having hate throw at them

    • rose

      Gee Wizz KELLI- They wouldn’t post my reply to your commit. Probably just as well that they didn’t.

      • Kelli

        Yeah well it’s the truth. You don’t have people running around telling you who you can or can’t marry do you?

      • rose

        KELLI- The answer to your question is NOPE, but I do wish I would have listened to my dad on my 1st marriage.You just keep adding to our long term diminishing society where everything has to be acceptable.

  • C

    Wow…so we aren’t as backward,ignorant,and bigoted as the rest of the country thinks we are. Missouri is one step closer to joining the 21 century and getting away from relying on texts written by people who thought it was ok to sell your daughters into slavery to pay your debts, who thought that wearing clothing made of two different fabrics was punishable by death, that storms, comets, and volcanoes were god’s wrath, that had no knowledge of proper hygiene, food sanitation and disease control, that thought the earth was flat and the sun revolved around the earth, etc. It is refreshing to know that this state is moving forward into enlightenment and not stuck in the dark ages.

  • Michael

    “What will be done has been done. And was has been done will be done”. “Bad will be called good and Good will be called bad”. “Problem solved”

  • John robinson

    Must really want that voting block, to risk impeachment for intentionally performing an act banned in the Mo constitution.

    • Fed Up

      Exactly John….it’s all about votes! Liberal left excrement politicians (like Slay) forfeiting their morality (not that he had any to begin with) just to get elected.

  • Andrew

    Until all of the religious practice EVERYTHING in their book, they have no room to preach any sort of word.

  • Bradley Mosbacher

    There is always hilarity to be found whenever the religious nutbags come out to play. But seriously guys, why don’t you practice what you preach for once? God’s probably not too happy about you passing judgment on other people. How about you mind your own business while they mind theirs? We’re a country founded on secular, Freemason values, not your flavor-of-the-month Christian values.

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