Fox Files: Accused drug traffickers are driving ice cream trucks

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ST. LOUIS, MO (KTVI)-- Accused drug dealers are driving ice cream trucks in your neighborhood.  Fox Files investigator Chris Hayes made the discovery during his ongoing investigation into synthetic drugs hidden inside novelty packaging.

John Galvin is one of four drug trafficking defendants working in the ice cream truck business.  We found Galvin loading his truck for the day from his warehouse called `Sticks-N-Cones` on Manchester in Maplewood.

He`s one of 28 defendants in a drug trafficking conspiracy case involving synthetic drugs hidden inside novelty packaging.  One example is a product called Mad Hatter.  It`s in a glossy and colorful pouch that says `incense.`  Users say that packaging is just a smokescreen to deal a potent hallucinogen.

We followed John Galvin as he drove his ice cream truck to a neighborhood where kids and parents quickly surrounded him.  The customers did not know they were buying from an accused drug trafficker.  Then we told them.

Jen Joy exclaimed, "That`s just kind of crazy."

Leslie Essner added, "I was dumbfounded and I looked at you with my ice cream in my hand and I said is this safe?"

One mom made a point about why she thinks this is such a big deal.  She said the packaging of the synthetic drugs, can easily be mistaken as a candy novelty.  She compared one of the synthetic drug packages to 'Pop Rocks.'

Katie Roberts said, "What if it was a 13-year-old that was up there and he was trying to sell drugs to a 13-year-old or anybody.  I don`t think it`s right."

We caught up with John Galvin as he arrived at Federal Court for his arraignment on Thursday June 26th.
I asked him, "Do you have any comment about being allowed to drive an ice cream truck while under indictment for drug trafficking?"  He walked away.

He pleaded not guilty along with his brother, Roger Galvin, who I asked, "..any connection between your ice cream route and your alleged drug trafficking conspiracy?"

Greg Sloan is another reported colleague in the ice cream truck business.  He remains locked up on charges.
Igor Holdaiy also drives an ice cream truck, according to Court records.  He went to great lengths to avoid our camera, going back into the courthouse twice to hide.  He then sprinted off.

They all pleaded not guilty today, along with several other defendants who reportedly work in other fields.
The courts require the ice cream truck drivers to continue working while they`re out on bond.

The U.S. Attorney`s office also declined to comment.  It`s not uncommon for the Courts to require continued employment as a condition of release.  The Courts will not explain why the defendants must continue the ice cream truck jobs.  The criminal indictment does not document any connection between the ice cream sales and the alleged drug sales.

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  • Steven Sweeney

    The same liberals that want “non violent” drug dealers released from prison will be the first to cry about this.Typical liberals like bye bye short eyes want things both ways.Doesn’t work does it?

  • David

    Hey Chris….the dope man has been doing this for years in the hood….you act like you are the only one who has figured this out….

  • metatronking

    Just like the bodegas in new york city. the sour cream in the cooler expired in 2013. But the snow and H behind the counter is going strong.
    feel free to grab a hooker at the exit cause sharing is caring!

  • Ginger

    Typical media. I believe you said they pleaded “not guilty”. Correct?????
    I don’t know about you but I’m an American. They ARE INNOCENT until PROVEN GUILTY!!!! I do not recall ANY of these people being charged with selling anything from an ice cream truck. Did I miss something Chris or are you , once again, sensationalizing beyond the TRUTH?????

  • 2 cents

    i love master p, mr ice cream man.. song hay Chris you bumpin master p in your car now gotta go check my bathsalt house? lol great work chris! here is story for ya tell us how its ok for bridgeton police the police chief internal affairs and the towing company are all the same family is that normal? you should get pulled over in that town they will beat you and put c rack in your pocket and who ya gonna call ? not the chief and not internal affairs cause you will get beat again enjoy your stay at bridgeton pd :(

  • Ken Wilmes

    “The criminal indictment does not document any connection between the ice cream sales and the alleged drug sales.” Then why did Chris Hayes attempt to connect them together?

  • Therealbyebyetotherite

    Just another offender who needs rehabilitation services.

    And just more wasted taxpayer dollars on pointless law enforcement pursuit of relatively trite moral biblical. Sure this guy ain’t the sweetest person, and certainly not the brightest tool in the shed, but felony criminal conduct?

    Only according to our biblical law. I wonder how long before we become like Iraq, fighting over trivial moral religious issues, like how often to pray?

    I’m guessing at the current rate, not long.

    • David

      We will never fight over religion here in the States like they do in other countries….religion is getting forced out of society by the government and today’s America is soft.

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