City of Fenton says no to City-County merger

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FENTON, MO (KTVI) – The City of Fenton is the latest municipality to officially oppose the idea of a St. Louis City and County merger.

Our partners at the St. Louis Post-Dispatch reports Fenton city leaders say they can better serve their residents as a separate municipality.

Ellisville, Valley Park and Ballwin have all passed similar measures.


  • Fed Up

    Smart decision Fenton…..the “city” of St. Louis is a sewer of crime and urban wretchedness.

  • Bill Hitchcock

    Smart folks in Fenton. They didn’t in invest in homes and the schools there to have animals from the city to come in like roaches.

  • Deter

    why would any city in the county want to be associated with the City of St Louis? Full of crime, stds and riff raff

    • Charley

      Oh Matthew is that all you have . you can’t think of anything helpful or useful, so you pull the race card, cause you got nothing else. Matty, be a good boy and put the bad card back in the deck. Please try and give all of us an intelligent reason and someone may agree with you.

  • Therealbyebyetotherite

    Dooley will make those short pants fenton white people pay!!! And I can’t wait!!

  • Ed Golterman

    The City has refused to bring anything ‘substantial’ to the table. End the Zoo-Museums tax for starters. The ‘money’ boys and girls process hundreds of millions a year through these institutions all tax-sheltered. They don’t need a dime of our tax money. Free Kiel Opera House and MUNY as regional and national assets, let them again be the ‘face’ of St. Louis entertainment. The ‘pretenders’ can’t cut it against other cities. Role back the sales tax paid at retail, hurts all cosumers but those on limited income, the most. With Ballpark Village a money-making fraud, stop paying off Ballpark bonds and point the lenders and bonds holders to the DeWitts, and Anheuser Busch and Live Nation, the Village money-makers to pay off the bonds. Phase out the Gateway Greenways tax, there has been enough catering to the bicycles crowd, there are enough trails and they command large chunks of our streets.

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