Driver in fatal hit and run accident turns himself in to police

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ST. LOUIS, MO (KTVI)– A man turned himself in to police, surrendering in last Friday’s deadly hit and run.

Bicyclist Charles Beard was hit on his bike at the intersection of Sarah and Cook.

Police say a camera mounted on the victim’s helmet showed the cyclist ran through a stop sign at the intersection.

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  • TheREALbyeByeToTheRite

    It’s too bad this guy ran off, because otherwise he probably would NOT have been responsible for this accident.

    Seems this biker, like so many “expert” bicyclists, as he was called, was arrogant and put himself ahead of others, and ran a stop light – like SO many like him do, based on what I see in the city.

    I am a bicyclist myself, although yeah I don’t wear the coolest gear ’cause I really don’t care if people look at me, which seems to be what many cyclists want. Don’t have the latest trendy spandex riding pants, no. But when I do ride, I respect vehicle traffic and stay out of the way whenever possible.

    One example of something I see often in the city and here in South County, are cyclists who ride in the middle of a single lane road, insisting cars stay behind them (they are traffic, too, they will point out) yet when they get to a red light or stop sign, instead of waiting their turn in line (they are traffic, too, I would like to point out to them) they ride on the shoulder past all the cars, get in front, then when the light turns green, expect you to sit behind them.

    Got news for you biker freaks – that’s not how it works. The minute you pass me on the shoulder at a light, all rules are now off and I can now be as arrogant as you – got it, Mr. Arrogant Biker? So I rarely tolerate that. Once you cut in front of me by passing me barely between me and the parked cars, I can do what I want, too – got it? So don’t be surprised if I pass you and cut YOU off – and please, don’t call ME unconcerned for bicyclists – I’m concerned and share the road with bicyclists, but expect the same from them. Once they don’t, the ruled don’t apply anymore – I’m gonna get in front of you – got it?

    Bicyclists running stop signs is another example, too – we motorists are supposed to obey stop signs for them, but not the other way around? Nope, sorry – not how it works. I almost hit a bicyclist in the Central West End just a few weeks ago as she bolted right through a stop sign without stopping, then gave ME a dirty look when I almost hit her. Yelled at her “be my guest, honey, you’ll lose if I hit you, dimwit”.

    So this “wonderful family man” and valiant ex-military man turned opportunistic investor caused his own death and nobody else can be blamed for it.

    Wonder why the driver ran? Had he had two beers and didn’t want to get blamed for this just because of that (which would have happened)?? Maybe he had some pot on him? Something tells me it was something like that.

    Personally, under the circumstances, I don’t think he should face any serious charges. Just a misdemeanor traffic violation for leaving the scene. I hope they don’t assign any of the blame for this fool’s death on this guy.

  • jason

    So if i read what your were saying right, You follow the rules when you ride your bike BUT if you see someone else break the rules you will enforce punishment…?

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