Fireworks are illegal in the city of St. Louis, many other area cities

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ST. LOUIS, MO (KTVI)- You might already be hearing fireworks go off in your neighborhood and  many residents may think the use and possession of fireworks is legal .  However, that's not the case.  Many municipalities ban the use of fire works.

"The St. Louis Fire Department takes the stance that consumer fireworks  are dangerous. They are illegal in the city and county, " said Captain Garon Mosby.

Many people will  head to  4th of July celebrations next week. Some families may be planning firework displays of their own. Fireworks are illegal in the city of St. Louis, yet more fires and emergency room visits are reported on this holiday than any other.

Most injuries occur to hands , fingers and eyes . Bottle rockets, roman candles and sparklers cause the most injuries. Sparklers, often considered the firework for children, can burn as hot as a blow  torch and can easily ignite clothing.

"The sparkler is not as safe as it may seem," said Captain Mosby .

Adults can be held responsible for allowing minors to have or set fireworks in St. Louis.

Fireworks are permitted in Franklin, Jefferson and St. Charles County. So before you set if off this year, check with your local law enforcement to see fireworks are legal.


  • Johnnyg

    Our nation has laws banning illegal entry in to the county. We have laws banning the destruction of government documents. Our government ignores these laws exactly like I intend to ignore the law banning on fireworks.


    Johnnyg,you are an imbecile that is bothering your neighbors by setting off those fireworks,hopefully you will set your own residence on fire with those illegal fireworks or lose an eye!

  • Bob

    Of course they are illegal. That’s why there is so many fireworks stands on the Franklin and Jefferson county borders.

  • Jusatyro

    The City of St Louis baned fireworks in 1956.Why?

    Simple , the majority of voters living in the city at that time with their families were W.W II.and Korean veterans.
    They had enough of “Fireworks”..

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