Cahokia police searching for persons of interest in shooting

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CAHOKIA, IL (KTVI) - The Major Case Squad is active in Cahokia, looking for answers in the death of a 45 year old woman who was gunned down in her home. Detectives are saying little about any evidence or any leads they have.

The incident was being described as a home invasion, but now police are saying perhaps not.

Police are looking for a man and woman described as persons of interest. Photos that were released of the two were taken by security cameras in Cahokia, but cops won't say where.

So what happened? A witness tells FOX 2 this whole thing started with a simple knock on the door at Cassandra Holman's home on Kenneth Avenue. There were four adults and four kids inside according to that witness, who claims several suspects rushed into the house when someone answered the knock. From there, that witness says people were ordered to the floor and robbed of their valuables. It was then they allegedly sprayed the place with gunfire, hitting two people, including Holman who died a couple of hours later at local hospital.

Before she died, she managed to run for help. Her bloody handprints were still visible on a neighbor's door.

That's the witness account, but late last night, detectives spoke to FOX 2’s Paul Shankman and painted a picture somewhat different from what witnesses described.

Schankman asked, “This has been referred to as a home invasion Was anything actually taken?”

“Not that we know of that this time, no,” was the response by Sgt. Scott Workman, the Major Case Squad Deputy Commander.

“What was the motive for the invasion then?” ask Shankman.

“I can't comment on that right now.”

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Again, police want to talk to a man and woman about this shooting which killed Cassandra Holman and injured another man. That second victim, who was hit in the leg, is expected to be okay.

As for Ms. Holman, we're told she was a mother of nine, though only seven of her children are still living. She worked at a food mart in St. Louis.

If you have any information, contact the Major Case Squad here at the Cahokia Police Department at 618-337-9505.



  • Chris Huggins

    I’ve lived in Cahokia for 25 years. I’m 33 years old. Grew up in this very neighborhood. I will tell you this, the police will be lucky if they find the people that did this. Sad. This used to be a good town. A good neighborhood. I blame so many different things to why the fall of Cahokia happened. But our once quiet little town has gone to scrap (in lack of better words). Shame really.

    • Charley

      Wilbur, the criminals were just to plain ignorant to use the door. My friends house was broken in to many years back. They (thieves) tried several windows, and finally broke out the window in the front door which was old plexiglas. They cut the hell out of themselves. All they got was a 5 disc receiver, no cd’s no speakers. But here is the kicker. Both doors had dead bolts on them and were unlocked with the keys in them. the front door had a night latch which they (thieves) locked themselves trying to get out and could not figure why the door would not open, So they went out the window they came in.

    • Sophia

      I believe Betsy said one of the intruders climbed out the window after they discovered the son had locked himself in the bedroom. Maybe it wasn’t as high or there was something to climb on to get out.

  • Alison Chamberlain

    If they killed the mother why would they go out of the window and not the front door? Besides if the kids were home and neighbors say they heard shots at 4 why would theywait so long to call the police …where were the kids during the robbery? Just dodoesn’t make since.

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