St. Louis man allegedly travels to CO to have sex with mother, daughters

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DENVER, CO (KTVI)-A St. Louis man is under arrest in Denver after he allegedly flew there to have sex with a mother and her two young daughters. Federal agents arrested 61-year-old Darwin Gilbert Gowen at Denver International Airport last Friday.

Prosecutors say Gowen expressed interest in having sex with who he thought was a single mother and her two daughters. That person was actually an undercover Homeland Security Investigator.

According to the United States Attorney’s Office for the District of Colorado, Gowen said that he was “a 60 year old male, widowed . . . wanting to experience the wild side of life.”

Gowen is due back in court next week.

Read more form in Denver.


  • Therealbyebyetotherite

    Just another offender who needs rehabilitation services.

    And just more wasted taxpayer dollars on pointless law enforcement pursuit of relatively trite moral biblical. Sure this guy ain’t the sweetest person, and certainly not the brightest tool in the shed, but felony criminal conduct?

    Only according to our biblical law. I wonder how long before we become like Iraq, fighting over trivial moral religious issues, like how often to pray?

    I’m guessing at the current rate, not long.

    • rose

      BYEBYE, We don’t yet know the ages of the daughters. If they are very young, serious physical and mental damage could occur, I don’t see Religion having anything to do with this.

  • HarsherPunishmentForCriminals

    How old were the daughters? If they were all of age, what is the crime? This story is kind of short on details needed to make any kind sense.

  • Bradley

    Homeland security? Sure, I’m glad the guy got arrested, but why is homeland security creeping the web for pedos?

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