Woman struck after chasing down hit & run driver, shots fired

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

NEAR FENTON, MO (KTVI)-Shots were fired at a fleeing driver after a hit and run Saturday night in Fenton. A silver BMW struck another vehicle at the Gravois Bluffs shopping area and drove off.  The other vehicle followed after the BMW  and they met up in the area of old Hwy 141 and Romaine Creek Rd.

When BMW stopped, and a man and woman in the other vehicle got out to confront the driver. At some point, the BMW driver decided to drive off again and, in doing so, struck the woman. The man then pulled out a gun and fired at the BMW as it drove away.

The woman was hospitalized with non-life-threatening injuries.

Police later found the BMW and its driver. He was not hurt. No word yet any charges.

The Jefferson County Sheriff’s Department is investigating.



    Idiots should have just gotten the license plate number and called the police instead of playing police. I’m sure this is an idiot with their CCW that thinks they are invincible,the person was fleeing from them and posed no threat so they should be charged with a gun crime!

    • Shawn

      Exactly. Attempted murder charges for the gun firer. Car was already passed them when he decided to fire. No threat. Only attempted murder.

  • Common Sense

    You people are idiots. First he hits their car and then takes off. He didn’t get shot for that, he got shot for using his car as a deadly weapon when he hit the victim’s wife with it. Who _wouldn’t_ shoot at someone trying to run down their family?

    • Creep

      Except he didn’t fire to prevent her being hit, he fired after she was struck, as revenge. Following the car that hit you is one thing, but “Got out to confront the driver” is not a defensive decision, it’s an intentional escalation. What this person did is indeed criminal, a CCW doesn’t give you the right to use deadly force unless it’s to prevent the immediate loss of life or serious injury. Shooting a fleeing criminal in the back won’t fly in court, and that’s exactly what this guy did, according to the story.

      • Therealbyebyetotherite

        Totally because the police will help you and prosecute the guy that did this…lol

  • barney

    I agree no one should be shooting or fleeing. First this story does not tell all the facts nor does it say the person shooting at people had a conceal and carry permit so the comments are not accurate.

  • shad

    This all started at 6pm Sat. So where is the update on this story??? I checked the other local news sites and no one is doing an update??? One station’s head line reads that they found the driver of the BMW. However there is no mention of this in their news story. The other sites don’t even mention this. Was it a lie to start with? Are the other stations not doing their jobs? So often I see stories that never get updated, why is that? I understand them not wanting to waist air time on old news, that’s not what gets people to watch the TV, they want breaking news. However with that being said, Why do the stations feel they don’t need to up date stories on their web sites? St. Louis, the place to live if you only want things half done. I don’t recall seeing any updates on the guy who killed the man holding his daughter at gun point, that was headline news a week or so ago either. Are we looking at a trend here? I just don’t get how/why we let our local news people get away with not doing all of their job. We should demand more.

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