Contact 2 helps vet with military papers to buy home

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ST. LOUIS (KTVI) – After serving his country honorably a local man runs into a roadblock trying to buy his first home.   The clock was ticking and this Vet needed his military records to seal the deal.

John Smith was a Weapons Specialist in the United States Army before his discharge in 2006.  When he returned home, he realized the house he grew up in needed a lot of work.  He decided to get a VA loan and buy a new house for his wife and son.   Smith says everything was in order except he needed 2 documents.  “The paperwork that I need is paperwork they need to verify that I am in fact a Veteran and I served.  And these papers will prove that. “

Smith says the closing date was fast approaching so he decided not to get them directly from the military.  That process is slow according to Smith.  An acquaintance suggested he try Touchstone Research Group, an online research business.   He eventually spoke with someone on the phone.  “They made it sound like it would be ABC easy.  I’m like-great.  I paid $107.00 for the three-day service they offer. ”

The Express Service wasn’t as quick as Smith thought it would be so he called Contact2.  I then contacted the New York based company.  The email response indicated Smith would get the documents within three days.   Smith says he was still worried that it would slow him down.  “This is critical to my closing.  In fact there’s another offer behind me.  So if they had to push this closing date back, if it goes back farther than the closing date for the next client, I may actually be skipped out on for this home.”

Not sure what to expect Smith and his agent opted to move the closing date.  The papers arrived.  And it eventually ended up being an almost eight-day wait.  Smith says the seller removed an offer to pay $500.00 toward the closing costs.  “Granted I could move on to another house. But me and my wife have already been through that grueling process.  We selected a beautiful home.”

Smith says he’s optimistic the sale will go through but the delay caused him unnecessary anxiety.  If you need to use online research companies, be sure that you understand the terms of delivery.  If it doesn’t fit your time frame, adjust your plans before you spend any money.

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  • Mark Foster

    Your DD214 (proof of service) is very important. They told me this when I left the military, to always save a copy. I can relate to the difficulty in retrieving records, as I recently had to pay a company to get a copy of my birth certificate, for which in my entire life I did not need until it was time to renew my driver’s license.

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