For the first time ever, St. Louis has a $1 billion budget

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ST. LOUIS (AP) — For the first time ever, St. Louis has a $1 billion budget.

The new fiscal year started Tuesday. The St. Louis Post-Dispatch reports that Mayor Francis Slay on Friday signed a bill approving the budget, which is 1.9 percent larger than last year’s $985.2 million budget.

Some of the largest expenditures include $117 million for the police, $55 million for the Fire Department, and $22.5 million for the justice center. The city also is expected to pay $86.2 million in pension costs.


  • Bob

    No wonder why the city has a 1% rakeoff of your pay for the privilege of working in the city limits.

  • Buck O'Famagh

    How is that possible? How can the city possibly spend a thousand million dollars? The short article mentions about 250. Where’s the rest going? This sort of thing cannot be sustainable. Look at the State of IL. Their finances are a disaster. The government at all levels needs to stop trying to be everything for everybody while at the same time punishing those who actually contribute. Liberalism and socialist policies cannot be sustained. Too many takers and too few providers.

    • Therealbyebyetotherite

      Well said, and when you look at the trash they employee it’s truly laughable. I was on walnut next to the court house one morning and stl finest came out to raise the flag sideways hat pants sagging cigarette in mouth dragging old glory to the pole. It makes me sick .. Slugs

      • Myanswertoyourwhiningass

        Nice try sir, but STL Finest as you call them aren’t on Walnut. I have read most of your comments on Channel 2 and all of them are anti-police. When you retire, or better yet when you actually have a job to retire from, you get social security, we along with the fire department do not because we do not contribute, we contribute to a pension. We have given up a lot as police officers. When I came on I was promised healthcare after working 30yrs, now we have to pay. We have not had a raise in almost 7 years. We are forced to live in a city where our children suffer through a terrible school system. Stop ragging on us. If you can do better suit up…..but let me guess with all your wife beating drug arrest you can’t.

      • Therealbyebyetotherite

        I was stopped on south 11 th were walnut ends it’s a city hall building there. I wouldn’t make that up it made me sick I will never forget it.

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