Homeowner upset with MSD over sinkhole in his yard

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ST. LOUIS COUNTY, MO (KTVI) – A south St. Louis County homeowner is upset with the Metropolitan Sewer District over a sinkhole in his backyard. It's about 6 feet wide and 3 feet deep and is on a sewer line.

The problem is Robert McDaniel lives in an area where taxes aren't as expensive as other areas in St. Louis City and County. So MSD can't make people like Robert a priority because they don't have the money...

This has been a growing problem at 4681 Venarde Street in St. Louis, a seven-year problem.

McDaniel made a call to MSD back in April and FOX2  called MSD Monday to find out why McDaniel wasn't a priority.

According to Lance LaComb, MSD's spokesperson just sending someone out costs money.

MSD is two utilities under one umbrella, waste water utility and storm water utility.

Folks like McDaniel living in north, west and south St. Louis County pay the least amount of taxes. They're average fee is 8 dollars compared to other counties which pay 25 dollars and 50 dollars a month. LaComb said the only way that they can take folks in those tax areas seriously is if they have public health or safety issues.

Those issues include erosion to homes that are threatened along creeks in Missouri.  MSD wants you to call their 24-hour hotline if you do have any issues, but more importantly they want you to vote on a proposal that is in the works to try to get quality service equally distributed across the state. The problem is that it won’t be on a ballot until 2016.

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  • TheREALByeBye2TheWackyRite

    That’s just another corporate lie from MSD. They are FLUSH with money from the last 10 rate increases, including one just recently (remember? how quickly folks forget approving another handout!)

    Plus that’s just BS about the outlying areas paying more – they SHOULD. They have more miles of pipe to maintain, and fewer residents sharing lines. Overall, MSD collects MORE from the city and county, because of the denser population.

    So come on MSD, cough it up. Quit with the sky-high executive salaries and bonues for worthless human beings who wouldn’t be able to land a job scrubbing toilets if they weren’t born into privileged families.

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