Guilty plea in intimate text message scandal

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ST. LOUIS (KTVI) - A former paralegal admitted to a scheme that cost an Assistant St Louis County Prosecutor his job.  The reported scheme involved intimate text messages and a false promise that a prosecutor would make a case disappear.

Jillian Nichols walked out of court after admitting to crimes that could put her in prison for up to 25 years.

Investigative reporter Chris Hayes asked, 'Ms. Nichols, what do you say to the prosecutor who lost his job because of this?'

She walked away, silently.

A former county prosecutor lost his job only because of an `appearance problem` based on reported intimate text messages he exchanged with Nichols.  Nichols then made a reported secret deal with one of the prosecutor`s suspects.

St. Louis Post Dispatch reporter Robert Patrick first broke the story in February and found the suspect was Ziyaa Umarov.  Patrick said Nichols reportedly'... approached Umarov and essentially said, 'Hey, have I got a deal for you.`'

In Federal Court, Nichols admitted she claimed to the suspect that an Assistant St Louis County Prosecutor ' going to give (you) a deal... something like probation.'  Nichols also admitted claiming that she arranged for 'planted' evidence.

In the end, she admitted it was just a scheme that no one else knew about.

Nichols will learn her sentence in September.

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  • Groovy Chick

    I don’t know. A story about a criminal case being damaged by a person in a trusted position sounds like a story to me. What I want to know is how she got busted.

  • NeShawn Brown

    She was doing the walk of shame with this man in front of the whole world. How amazing is that!!

  • LaShanda White

    This so called “Bro” is and most likely using her for money or sexual favors. Very typical interracial sequence in Saint Louis. See it everyday.

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