MetroLink fare increase goes into effect

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ST. LOUIS, MO (KTVI) - MetroLink fare prices have gone up.  The increase, which kicked in Tuesday, is in connection with Metro's plan to increase fares every two years.  This will not be the last time customers will have to dig a little deeper to catch a ride.

MetroLink officials say the reason for the increase is to offset higher costs for fuel, vehicle parts and benefits for employees. Passenger revenue accounts for nearly 22 percent of funding for MetroLink.  The rest comes from tax payer dollars.

The change is also expected to increase MetroLink revenue by more than $2 million dollars over the next year.  Note, the change will not impact Metro buses.

Price changes are as follows:

One ride: $2.50

Weekly Pass: $27

Monthly Pass: $78

Semester Pass: $175

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  • Mel

    The poorly scripted “chat” between the anchor and Anthony does not have him answering the question “So Anthony, how much more is it going to cost?” His answers just gives the new fair, not a amount or a percentage of increase. Somebody needs a real script writer, or at least a reviewer.

  • lsl guy

    Keep jacking it up. Hopefully the street trash will quit riding and it will become a pleasant experience.

    • Fed Up

      Unfortunately “LSL GUY” mass transit (aka: the Gangland Express) will never be free of gangbangin’ drug dealin’ NORTH St. Louis thugs. Now you see why St. Charles County doesn’t want it running out there….I don’t blame ’em.


    Did you know that during the Great Depression oil drillers in America were over producing oil so the gas per gallon was rock bottom so the big government started a agency to control the free market. Only allowing a certain amount of oil to be produced world wide. They can can gain more in gas taxes every year.
    It’s not greedy corporation it’s greedy ruling government… Get your fact together.

  • Amy B. Jordan

    Maybe those in the continental United States will understand why so many Europeans walk, bicycle, and use hostels to get around: It’s not because they’re so cool and conscientious, it’s because they’re broke.

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