Police see spike in motorcycle thefts in St. Charles County

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ST. CHARLES, MO (KTVI) - Four St. Charles motorcycle owners are wondering where their bikes are, after waking up to find them missing from their parking spots. A few weeks earlier, another four motorcycles were stolen in O’Fallon.

Police say each of these thefts happened overnight, and at apartment complexes. St. Charles Police Officer Erik Lawrenz explains, “From my past experience, they specifically target the motorcycles at apartment complexes, usually because they’re out in the open, and easily accessible.”

In St. Charles, the thefts happened at Remington, Sun Valley Lake, and Country Club Place Apartments. Sun Valley Lake Apartments Resident Twila Brandstrom says, “It makes me a little nervous, especially because someone tried to steal my car last year, so I don’t like to hear that crime might be increasing in the area where our family lives.”

Country Club Place Apartments Resident Darren Lawson adds, “I was actually considering buying a motorcycle here pretty soon, but now I’m thinking, maybe I ought to wait before I move out of this apartment complex.”

According to police, rocket style and ninja motorcycles are targeted because of their size and weight. The lightweight motorcycles can be easily lifted by two people, and hoisted into a truck.

Lawrenz adds, “Generally when you see a bunch of thefts like this in one night, you’re working with somebody that’s done this before and has outlets for the bikes to go. It’s not a crime of opportunity; it’s what they’re specifically looking for.” Lawrenz says stolen bikes are often stripped down and sold on the black market.

Unfortunately, none of the recently stolen motorcycles have been recovered, but to prevent future bikes from being stolen, Lawrenz suggests parking them inside a garage, making sure the forks are locked on the motorcycle, and getting an alarm system.

There are no suspects at this point. If you have any information on these thefts, or see anything suspicious, call St. Charles or O’Fallon police.

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    These a**holes came by and stole my buddy’s bike in the middle of the afternoon TODAY in MAPLEWOOD. Someone needs to come up with a better way to catch bike thieves….

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