Residents want tornado siren repaired

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O'FALLON, MO (KTVI) - On Monday morning a tornado siren at Avondale and Knaust Road in O`Fallon was damaged after a truck crashed into pole causing the bulk of the siren to come crashing down. St. Charles County officials say it can cost up to $40,000 to replace it. The siren covers a 1-mile radius surrounding the Avondale Heights subdivision. Residents like John Halas want it fixed as soon as possible.

'If I can`t hear it I can`t hit the basement, when you are buttoned up in a house during a storm you don`t have your windows open so you need something close by so you can hear it loud so you can hear it. I hope they repair it sooner than later for sure.' Halas said

The driver of the truck was taken to a local hospital and there`s no word on a condition. Power was also knocked out for a few hours and restored. The county says there are 5 other sirens in the area to compensate, but want to remind residents to keep weather radios and alert apps on their cellphones in case of emergency.

At this point the St. Charles County Emergency Management Division is meeting with contractors to get an exact timeline and price on repairs

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  • Wheelbarrow Tim

    Wow. I saw the news truck at the entrance to the neighborhood. Thought there was something interesting going on. Boring. Can I have the two minutes of my life back reading this article (and I even read slow to stretch it out)?

    • Tony

      You complain about wasting two minutes but you apparently deemed it neccessary to leave a comment that took that long to type in order to show everyone just how little you cared. Someone like attention I guess.

      • Wheelbarrow Tim

        If it took me two minutes to type that I probably need to see a doctor. Regardless, whether it took me 10 minutes to read it and 20 minutes to type my comment, it’s still a boring article and not newsworthy. And if I wanted attention I certainly wouldn’t seek in the comments section here! That’s laughable!

  • Billy Hill

    “You need something close by so you can hear it loud”.

    Exactly. That’s why it is recommended that people buy a weather radio for $30, or about the price of a carton of Edgefields. No question about missing alerts, as it will be loud.

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