St. Louis Jewish community mourns 3 Israeli teens killed

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ST. LOUIS (KTVI) – The St. Louis Jewish community came together Tuesday for a memorial service held for the killing of three Israeli teens in the West Bank. The boys were hitchhiking three weeks ago in the West Bank of Israel when they were abducted. The bodies of the three teens were found on West Bank.

The United Hebrew Congregation held a service to cut down the yellow ribbons that had been placed on trees as part of the Jewish Federation of North America’s “yellow ribbons for our boys” campaign. They gathered to memorialize the three murdered teens and to replace the three ribbons with a black ribbon of mourning. The black ribbons will be in place for the traditional thirty days, as thirty days.

Late Tuesday evening, the Islamic Foundation of Greater St. Louis released a statement expressing sorrow for the murdered teens.

Read the statement here: Islamic Foundation Greater St. Louis statement on murders of 3 Israeli Teens


  • Steven Sweeney

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      “Treyvon” was an American citizen, killed on US soil by a gun-carrying, right-wing extremist. That matters to Obama. It should. He’s president of this once-great land, and wants to do something about it.

      These teens lived in another country, and were killed in a vicious on-going war between Israel and anybody who happens to be around them at the time that’s been going on for 1000 years. So why should Obama care at all? I know I sure don’t. We should be more concerned about those 100 school girls kidnapped by those religious terrorist kooks – yet where is our concern for them?

      Besides, Obama knows that we still feed them over $10 BILLION a year in military aid, and they’ve already responded to this by bombing the smithereens out of Palestinian Gaza and tearing down the homes of several “suspects”, as they always do over and over ad nauseum, so again they are creating their own problem with their constant violent behavior – violence begets violence, maybe you gun thugs haven’t figured that out yet. So why should Obama say a thing about it? Maybe he’s like me and could really care less. There are FAR more atrocious injustices right here in America, and Trevon was just one of them.


    First, wow a new low in journalism – that’s a heading only an incompetent could love! Let me guess, Fox – being a good, right-wing extremist company and all, I’m guessing you hire based on who you know rather than what you know, right? Does looks and a “super attitude” count more than talent or skill? I’m guessing so, which is typical in America today, and one of the reasons business is tanking – most of our corporations are disabled by internal incompetence at all levels, while they continue to use the phony excuse of high taxes and big government regulation as the cause.

    Meanwhile, well we all KNOW how much more horribly serious it is when three Jewish teens are killed in the world than when any other of the hundreds of teens are killed everyday. They’re just so much more special!

    So much so, that Israel has already spent a few million of our tax money bombing the Palestinians and tearing down the houses of anybody even related to anyone they think may have been involved, so they’ve already got their violent revenge, as usual ad nauseum.

    And because of their childish, violent response to this, the cycle continues for another 1000 years. When will the Israelis ever learn? Apparently not when they’ve got billions of dollars in American tax payer dollars to play with and defend them every time they get in trouble with their arrogance toward just about everybody in the world.

  • Michael Margulis

    BYEBYE you clearly dont have kids, or logic. its always sad when kids die, but when they OD or are in a gang or throw rocks/Molotov cocktails its one thing. when they are on their way home from school its another.

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