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St. Louis woman faces backlash after video of her proposing to boyfriend is posted on Facebook

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

ST. LOUIS, MO (KTVI) – Do you think that a woman should propose to a man? Some fans of Rickey Smiley’s official Facebook page are giving one bride-to-be some nasty feedback. A video of her proposing to her boyfriend was posted to the Facebook page with 1.5 million likes.

She wrote this e-mail to FOX 2 pleading for help, “I recently was engaged to my Fiancé and we decided to have an engagement party and while there, I decided to give my fiancé a ring back as a gift at our party. This was to show him a symbol of love and make him feel as special and honored as I did the day he proposed to me. My friend uploaded my proposal to him on Facebook and our video went viral. The video has been shared thousands and THOUSANDS of times under false assumptions that i proposed to him a club.

I have received soooo much negative and hateful feedback because of this and basically been publicly humiliated. I’ve never been degraded nor called out of my name this much In my life! I am from Saint Louis, MO and have got calls from friends in VA, FL, TX, etc. saying they saw the video and the negativity surrounded by it. It is hurtful that something I did out of love has been construed and turned into a public joke. It is being talked about at my job and lord knows where else. This is nothing less than social bullying and goes to show how the media can put a spin on anything and effect people’s lives.

I love Rickey Smiley but I am very disappointed in what has been done in the last few days. My fiancé and I are good people and do not deserve this type of hate and negativity from so many people that don’t even know us. I would love for my truth to be heard and that is why I am sharing it with you.”

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    • Edward Harris -Payton

      I think it’s your life that you live. I wouldn’t worry about what people say. Just love your life and your fiancé and your reasons and forget about these phony worthless people anyway.

  • Black Girl

    Baby Doll, people will find something bad to say about you always! Anytime you are doing something pleasing to god, you will get all kinds of negative comments, stares, threats , etc. Congrats to you and your honey, may god cover and keep your your union! PEACE AND LOVE

  • Tricia

    I think it sounds like such a sweet thing she did, and these two must really love each other. The people making rude comments probably never knew a love like that. Don’t let anyone make you feel bad! They’re just jealous that they don’t have what you have!

  • Groovy Chick

    I agree about it being jealousy. I don’t understand it. You being beautiful does not diminish my beauty. You being righteously cool does not make my coolness less cool. Feel good about yourself, sweetie, because your love and beauty is what they are jealous of. Blow off that negativity like a piece of fluff. God bless you and your love!!

  • Kathy Deles

    What other people think is none of your business. You love your man. Your man loves you. Put God in your mix and you can’t lose. Good luck and God bless you both.

  • Nichole

    u know wat that’s jus crazy!!!! I think it was beautiful and to be honest ive never seen it! why is it so wrng to be different!! anyways congrats to them! haters gon hate!!! they are jealous and mad!!!! jealousy is hatred and I don’t understand why we are hating love when Its supposed to be beautiful!!! again congrats!!!!

  • Lisa Smith

    For heaven’s sake! It’s the 21st century, not the Middle Ages. It shouldn’t matter who proposes to whom.

  • Jennifer

    I am probably one of the few that actually did research before making assumption. I posted on so many people’s page that I decided to share it myself and try to get them to understand the truth. I had when things are flipped and then people start judging and someone gets hurt. It’s happen to me, so I felt that it was part of my job to share the truth.

  • Mary

    If no one does then I will I apologize that such a beautiful event have been made ugly by people’s shortcomings and thought process. Thank God that you have a man that loves you and pray for your every lasting love together.

  • M. King

    Hi Hunnie! I think it takes a brave, confident, and strong woman to propose to your love! I think it is wonderful and wish you both the best! I proposed to my husband over the phone and on the radio right here in St. Louis also! Do YOUR thing… don’t you worry bout the rest! May God bless you with a life long blissful marriage!

  • Mitzi

    First of all, it’s no ones business who proposed first. Even if people knew the whole story they would still draw their own conclusions. We hear so much talk about equality among men and women,so what makes proposing any different? I say to anyone always go after what you want, and forget about what anyone else thinks!!

  • joyce

    Sorry to hear that this nice thing you did out of love, has gotten misconstrued. People talked about Jesus, so ..they’ll definitely talk about the girl from the Stl. Be patient and on three days FB and all other social media will have moved on to disrupt someone elses life. Peace and blessings.

  • Lex

    I understand what you’re saying yet I don’t feel I should have to remove my video because of others ignorance. I’m not ashamed of what I did and plus I have no clue how I can delete/report over 50,000 shares with half of them being private so I don’t have access to them. The deletion of the original video doesn’t delete it from everybody’s Facebook. I’m sure if you post a video to share with your fb friends in your private page of something so simple, you wouldn’t expect it to go viral. I didn’t even post the original honestly. The fact a nationally known personality posted it to their FanPage shows it got out of my control. I wrote the news station to make my response public. I wanted to defend my character the same way everybody felt they wanted to share their opinion. My life will go on from this but what about all the people/youngsters that take their lives or go iNto depression over stuff like this. I don’t think it’s fair they have to hide or back down from the situation. I’m not. I’m going to continue to share how I feel, and actually publicly responding made me feel better. If something like this happens to my son I won’t say “oh baby just delete it and hide from them so they can leave you alone.” I just wanted my truth heard.

    • Jo

      So you are the woman in the center of this storm? You have a great attitude. Shame that wasn’t portrayed in this news story. At least for me if I had known who this Ricky whoever was I would understand appealing to a larger audience.

      You sound like you have a great relationship.

  • Erica S

    I saw it on facebook…but in a positive manner… but for the folks that get off on turning positive into negative… they r jus mad it wasn’t them… r just miserable people…and can’t stand other folks being happy… I say, rather he proposed first r not…it don’t matter…that fact of the matter is that in the video…he accepted… forget what the dumb folks think… I thought it was cool and fun…

  • Nu

    I’m not on fb but from what I have heard its 1/2 n 1/2 as far as people admiring and criticizing this gesture to show your love to your guy..So just focus on the good comments and not so much on the negative not saying back down just know that these are these people beliefs not just opinions and beliefs take a life time to alter. And I agree I probably wouldn’t go as far as saying it’s bullying if the comments were restricted to the proposal but alot have went on to talk about their appearance as well so I take it that’s where the bullying came in. But those are the comments you just have to look past and realize they aren’t worth a response nor an acknowledgment. But as I’ve said plenty of times before this is different and not the norm for our society atleast not publicly and with society being threatened by change or difference this was bound to happen..But 10 years from now when its more common and doesn’t cause such an uproar be happy that you were part of that change..(to the lady up top who proposed to her man as well)..

  • Cynarr

    Apparently no one knows how to read, and to many people make way to big of assumptions. People need to get a life, other than stir shit in others. Congrats, two times because ya’ll were already engaged! Good luck and just ignore people…it makes life so much easier. :)

  • Charles Johnson

    I saw the story..It was beautiful whether you proposed first or second…He is a lucky man…This reminds me of another story that ‘ went viral for the wrong reasons’…You have no reason for shame..Live your life. :-)

  • Charles Johnson

    I saw the story..It was beautiful whether you proposed first or second…He is a lucky man…This reminds me of another story that ‘ went viral for the wrong reason,s’…You have no reason for shame..Live your life. :-) :-)

  • Adrienne K.

    I too, saw he video on Facebook.  And the way it was distributed from the link of which it showed the “owner,” it was almost as if it was edited. That person then posted the video stating women needed to “man up” to  get mmarried.  It was as if he knew the couple and was shaming them for her proposing.  Now, I too, am recently engaged.  Had someone done this to me I’d be trying to sue for slander and mental cruelty.  My message to the new bride is, people are going to talk. When I saw the video even I  had my own opinion.  But after a friend clarified what happened to the real video I was saddened.  This is a epic moment for you and your fiance,  lady.  Don’t let others and their opinions hurt your new future.  This is something that can be looked at in a better light.  Maybe you’ve just helped another woman be brave to do the same thing.  Or maybe you’ve broken a lot of societal boundaries which needed to be broken.  Please don’t allow others to make you feel humiliated. A lot of people were misled with the video posted and now have the wrong opinion without knowing what really happened.  I am very happy for you and your new fiance as should others be, and would like to wish you both the best.

  • shannon

    I don’t know if she will read this, but you said it best baby girl “from ppl who don’t know you” when you realize this world is very dark and cold hearted you will learn how to find the happy things in life to dwell on and not let the black hearts of ppl move you to sad emotions. So many times we get caught up in what others say and yes some things are hurtful but at the end of the day you know where your heard was, you know the strength of y’all love so let that be your focus don’t worry about these ppl.

  • not fooled

    Sorry but I’m lost….who re proposes?and you planned it and for it to be videotaped so you wanted attention which is exactly what you got. Bullying no not at all….not by far and if he knew it was to happen here should’ve looked interested or appreciative at the least

    • Lex

      who re proposes? I do obviously. who tells/warns somebody they are going to propose to them before they do it? No one. Thats why he was unaware. We both had been drinking hence the body language and I already had my ring on that he gave me when he ASKED me to be his wife so its silly for you to say he wasn’t feeling it. Only way you would honestly know is if he told you..which he didn’t. And not cyber bullying? People inboxing us, down talking our character, our attire..calling us derogatory names goes beyond just stating your opinions on female proposal. They were said to be HURTFUL. I did this for HIS attention, recorded it for family and friends NOT for thousands of strangers to share. Since they thought it was important enough to keep sharing and commenting on, I felt I had the right to go public with my response as well.

  • K. Horn

    Well, put stupidity on the internet (especially social network) you’re going to get stupidity back. Like a lot of other people, I’m just sick of people “over sharing”. I remove “friends” that continually put stupid, personal things on Facebook but won’t follow it up. For example: Someone claiming to be so angry… yada yada, yada.. but won’t post what they’re angry about. My response? Why put it out there in the first place if you’re not willing to follow it up, or people like these in this article. Everything you “share” has the propensity of being scrutinized by everyone, and not everyone is going to share in your happiness, or anger, or whatever other emotion people put into social media. That being said, there are way too many people out there who are just plain mean spirited. Don’t put it out there if you can’t handle the backlash! And to call it “cyber-bullying” is just ridiculous. That, combined with this email to the news media is just keeping this stupid video going and asking for pity is a new kind of stupid. Girl, get up off the ground and try, just try to reclaim whatever dignity you may have left!

    • Lex

      I have quite a bit of dignity left actually, it was never taken away. Being silenced would have definitely belittled me though. It’s people with your mindset that keeps bullying going..making it okay. It was nothing STUPID about me giving my fiancé a ring NOR me sharing what the video true concept was. Everyone else shared their ignorant comments, so why can’t I share mine? I didn’t do this for sympathy, I did this to share how I felt in regards to the thousands of people like yourself that took time out to comment on my situation.

  • Felicia

    Congratulations! Do not let society overshadowed ur happiness no one is perfect but the lord an ppl should mind their business cuz im sure they have a closet full of skeletons just waiting to pop out!!! U an ur fiance know the truth an thats all that really matters. As far as Rickey smiley… im just not understanding the logic behind the ignorance. But keep ur head up an I wish u an ur future husband an abundance of happiness and Blessings

  • Tami That Chic

    Are u serious. She still fighting this thing. And with all this fighting where is the so happy soon to be husband. Girl go sit down someplace. Let it go. Now I’m losing my sympathy for you just let it go. You are not the first and you won’t be the last. Let’s not forget sharkeisha and she was way younger. She said her side and shit it. Now it’s a thing of the past girl pull your big girl panty up and get on with your life

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