Charges mount against teacher in videotaping case

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EAST ST. LOUIS, IL (AP) – A southern Illinois math teacher already accused of videotaping girls in a high school locker room and motel bathroom now faces federal charges.

Federal prosecutors have charged Timothy Going, 43, of Fairfield with attempted sexual exploitation of a minor and possession of visual depictions of minors engaging in sexually explicit conduct.

St. Clair prosecutors charged Going last month with four counts related to the videotaping girls ages 15 to 18 last November in the bathroom of a Super 8 motel in Fairview Heights, near St. Louis.

Going already was charged in Wayne County with illegally placing a video camera in the girls’ locker room at Fairfield Community High School, where he taught and coached cross country.

Going is suspended with pay.

Messages left Thursday with his attorney weren’t returned.


  • rose

    Suspended WITH pay? He should have been terminated immediately, and lose any type of retirement benefits he may have. If I get a speeding ticket i have to report it immediately, if I don’t, terminated.

  • TheREALByeByeToTheReligiousNutCaseRite

    Yes, and next year it will be a federal offense with 20 years in prison for looking at a girl under 18 with immoral thoughts.

    Meanwhile, it’s okay to shoot and kill people, as long as they’re black and look suspicious.

    I’m guessing cracking down on illicit se*x is the new smoke screen distraction from all the corporate and white collar corruption in this country, taking the place of the nation’s 25-year psych hangup about drugs, which was the previous distraction put in place by Ronald Reagan. Always got to have a moral boogie-man to get people worked up, so they don’t think so much of the REAL problems we have, like moral corruption in our corporate offices and hypocrite priests actually molesting young boys. And judging from the response from the average America, it’s working again.

    Sure this guy’s a bit weird – but surely not as criminal as Zimmerman, Bundy, Catholic priests molesting boys, NRA nutcases parading around with open carry, etc. while those folks walk around free and this guy faces years in prison. It’s obvious our priorities are really wacked out – but that’s what happens when religious conservatism becomes the norm. Just look at Iraq and Syria for what happens when this continues.

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