Clarksville sandbagging volunteers needed

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CLARKSVILLE, MO (KTVI) - The Mississippi River is on the rise and the town of Clarksville is feeling the effects. This year the city isn't able to help pay for the cost of sandbags, so residents and volunteers are fighting to save the town.

Katelind Rhode from The United Way joins us with how you can help the small river town.

To volunteer visit:

Call United Way at 314-421-0700

or visit



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  • floodwatcher

    this town goes through this every year almost and when the flooding does get bad, they rebuild in the exact same spot where they were just flooded. logic says to move, build higher than the water can go or NOT REBUILD IN THE SAME SPOT. I mean come on the bar is called the dug out. as in dug out of the flood.

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