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Clayton, Normandy student transfers

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(KTVI) –  An area school district has voted to welcome back student transfers from Normandy.  Board members with the Clayton School District voted monday to accept the enrollment of 19 students who tranferred last year.  A dozen students who were looking to transfer, but did not previously attend Clayton Schools, were ineligible.  The families of those students have been notified.

Nearly 580 Normandy transfer students have been told that they ‘re unable to continue at schools they transferred to last year.

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  • Cit Riverview

    Oh how nice,Clayton can now ware a badge, saying “see how good we are.” 19 students what a joke. How about 300 of those kids and pay for the transportation. Now that would show the world how good you are. Then while you at it,all those vacant home in Ladue & Clayton move those Parent/s their, so their children don’t have such a long bus ride.

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