Michael Wood change of venue request

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Craig Wood.

(KTVI) – The trial of Craig Michael Wood could be moved to a location, if wood’s attorney gets his way. The attorney argued in a motion Monday, that media coverage has made Greene County  residents biased against his client.  Wood is accused of raping and killing fourth-grader Hailey Owens in February.

Prosecutors are seeking the death penalty.  The prosecuting attorney reportedly asked that the court require Wood to submit a handwriting sample.  Prosecutors are trying to prove that Wood wrote pornographic stories found in his home after Hailey’s body was found.


  • rose

    He will be just as guilty in another County Court House. Media coverage on this tragedy was closely viewed State wide and beyond.

  • Lisa

    I am completely disgusted by people like this. I think that anyone who can do such aweful things to innocent young children should be tied to a pole and be eaten alive by pigs!! Maybe then they will endure a small amount of the pain and fear that those precious children went through!!!

  • bigbird

    Wood’s attorney is a scumbag just like him. He shouldn’t have any rights that little girl didint get any rights. Wish they would kill this b@$tard already .

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