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Fairgoers crowd Forest Park; Metrolink workers call in sick

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ST.  LOUIS, MO (KTVI) -  Fairgoers crowded Forest Park Friday evening to enjoy a night at the fair.  But there was a slight inconvenience.  Metrolink officials said some workers called in sick keeping them from using as many trains as they had hoped.

Fair St. Louis also dropped its parking rates Friday from $30 to $20.




  • Joe

    Where is Ronald Reagan when you need him? Just fire them all and start from scratch. Plenty of people looking for decent jobs.

  • Joe English

    And here is how you fix that – fire every bi state worker that called in sick unless they can produce papers that they were in the hospital or a certified copy of death

  • lynn

    Really? The media and Metro say anything and you people just believe it? Really? If you’re not a Metro employee, stop thinking what you’re being told is fact. Enjoy your Holiday.

  • Shameika Davidson

    Metro made so many mistakes on 4TH of July Day, FIRST: I called them and the automated recording stated that they were closed but failed to state if the train/bus were running on holiday schedule or not. SECOND: The #91 Olive bus was rerouted in the Chesterfield Mall Parking Lot due to fireworks and there were no signs posted as to where to catch the bus that day. Very frustrating. Every time it’s a big holiday Metro fails to serve its paying customers with service we deserve. This happens every single time. Shame on Metro.

    • Joe

      It is a holiday, they run on a holiday schedule!!! DUHHHHH!!!! You have a computer, did you visit their website?? No, that would require doing for yourself!!

  • Jamie Rose

    Fire em and fight the unemployment payments. Metro just held a big job fair. Plenty of people in need of a decent job. Too many people rely on public transportation to tolerate this kind of childish behavior.

    • Willie Makit

      To All that are so quick to say replace them, evidently you don’t ride public transportation? ?? These are professional trained drivers and you don’t just fire and replace the next day. Thank you!!!! And while they are putting any one behind the wheel without proper training and a tragedy where to happen,then public will then say,”all they had to do is give them their raise” The public is so one sided.


  • lynn

    Getting punched in the face for asking a passenger if they need a transfer, getting sexually harassed daily, passengers cursing out drivers because the driver asks them not to use profanity, paying $97 a week insurance plus $40 co-pays, the president of metro gets a $50,000 each year I believe and the drivers have to face the public being angry every time there’s a fare increase and there hasn’t been a raise in soon to be 7 years for them? You all need to get a life.

  • Smh

    Workers have the right to better working conditions. These workers haven’t had a contract are raise in 7 years. The company is trying to take their pension. They have the right to be angry. They have been working in good faith and the company is not.

  • Smh

    Also what about the verbal and physical abuse these workers encounter everyday, along with the attacks by the company. They are really going through a really rough time.

  • Jasmine

    Who are any of you to judge? You don’t know what’s really going on with Metro because you are NOT an employee. Would you be loyal to a company who isn’t loyal to you!? Think abt it!! That’s like every time you go to Wal-Mart you buy the same thing over and over again but every time the price is different but the product doesn’t change. Who would want to still be making the same amt of money they made 7 years ago and the economy has changed dramatically. If public transportation or Metro and their drivers are so bad GET A CAR or come up with some other means of transportation. I mean it’s just that simple. Why keep paying for services that you don’t like. I don’t understand why the public is attacking the employees. They have families too. Or do you think they should just drive buses 24/7 for ppl who are disrespectful and abusive!? Make sure your hands are clean before you start pointing fingers!!! Just saying. Grow up, get off social media, and get out here and make a difference in the world!!!

  • Danielle

    Yes it may have caused an inconvenience but unless you know all the facts don’t comment. It’s not that they called off they were not willing to pick up extra shifts to meet the demands if the holiday. They have worked without a raise for 7 years so if it were you would you be willing to pick up extra hours? I’m sure the answer would be no. They just wanted to be treated fairly and yo have to work with the public without a raise for that long is ridiculous! They aren’t asking for anything outrageous they just want to be given what is due to them.

  • Sherry

    Union workers have to take a stand! Companies continually raise cost to customers but, fail to pass any benefits to their employees. Yes, everyone’s replaceable, but where does it end. People have to strive for better for themselves and those to follow. GO (or not) Metro!!


    Metro employees are only asking for what is rightfully owed to them, nothing more nothing less. The public sees only what the media reports. They have no idea about the unfair working conditions. No contract in almost 7 years??!! Metro employees have families to take care of too! The cost of living continues to rise, but the employees cannot get a raise, a raise that is so deserving. Metro officials are trying to make the Bus Operators and Train Operators look like the bad guys in this, like everything is their fault, but in reality, it is Metro’s top officials who are at fault. No one wants to talk about the constant physical and verbal abuse that the operators deal with on a daily basis all while doing their job. Some think the job is so easy, yeah because you are on the outside looking in. The media and Metro are not disclosing all of the facts!! Metro employees want what they fairly deserve….their raises, keep their pension as is, to be treated with respect, and not be treated like modern day slaves only known by their badge numbers.

  • Tee

    To All that are so quick to say replace them, evidently you don’t ride public transportation? ?? These are professional trained drivers and you don’t just fire and replace the next day. Thank you!!!! And while they are putting any one behind the wheel without proper training and a tragedy where to happen,then public will then say,”all they had to do is give them their raise” The public is so one sided.

  • revaj

    It occurs to me that a lot of people in the public need a slight dose of reality. 1) Metro was operating on a Sunday on one of the biggest holidays in this city. They left several people stranded at metrolink stations in the county because of this reduction in service which had nothing to do with its employees. 2) While the organizers of fairstlouis did reduce their parking prices for the inconvenience, did metro reduce its prices for this so called “sick out”? Heck no!!! People do not continue to believe the hype that big corporations such as Metro put out there. Yes it’s drivers, mechanics, and clerical workers have been without contracts and raises for almost 7 years now, but please do not be fooled into thinking that John Nations or any of these “big wigs” give two flips about you the public. What happened with all that money that Metro received from St. Louis County? I believe it was to the tune of 75 million dollars. And that was only the first installment of about 400 million dollars. But no one including fox 2 probes them for answers to questions like that. And what about the restoration of service from the layoffs that occurred in march of 2009 I believe? John Nations was at the forefront begging for St. Louis County residents to pass proposition A. Saying that we need to restore services and get our people back to work! But whatever happened to posing these questions to Metro? If they care nothing about their workers they definitely don’t care anything about us the public, and that was evident yesterday.

  • mike

    Firing them solves NOTHING! ! The workers for metro go through a lot more then when the public know & are not always treated the way they should be….maybe you should question why they called in….

  • Lisa

    For those of you who are quick to say “fire them” is it because Metro drivers are 85% BLACK? I bet that burns you up doesn’t it? THOSE DRIVERS WORK HARD EVERYDAY!!! They deserve what is due to them. Without them the Bi-State area would SHUT DOWN!!! They are PROFESSIONALS at what they do!!! They are being CHEATED OUT OF RIGHTFULLY THEIRS!!!

    • Tai

      Why is it that people like you always bring up race as if that had anything to do with what all these comments are saying about Metro and its employees.

  • correy Smith

    Metro is not a great place to work. Employees are treated like yesterday’s garbage. Until you have worked for Metro you don’t know. Most of the complainers couldn’t even get the license it takes to drive the buses. Some of you won’t try the job because of the ignorant passengers. Well management is just as bad.

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