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Suspect shot and killed by police following pursuit, struggle

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Update: The suspect killed in this incident has been identified as Christopher Jones, age 30, of the 3400 block of Ranch Lane in Bel-Ridge, MO.

PINE LAWN, MO (KTVI)-A man was shot and killed by a Pine Lawn police officer early Saturday following a police pursuit and foot chase. St. Louis County police confirmed they are investigating a police involved shooting that occurred around 3:00 a.m. Saturday morning near southbound Interstate 170 ramp onto Interstate 70 in St. Louis County.

A Pine Lawn police officer pulled over a car for a wanted person alert along westbound I-70 and Jennings Station Road. The suspect took off in his vehicle. The officer pursued the suspect who crashed on Interstate 170 at the 70 interchange and then took off on foot. When the officer caught the man, a struggle occurred and that’s when the officer shot and killed the suspect.

The suspect has not been identified. It is not clear if the suspect had a weapon.

The highway was shut down for awhile but reopened around 8:00am.

The incident is being investigated by St. Louis County police.


  • morrow

    It happen just like that, there is a whole lot of detail missing? A suspect takes off in a routine traffic stop and ends up dead by a small town cop. I don’t know a lot about Pine Lawn, but i do know that it is close to 2 miles from interstate 170 and this cop should have called the county or Normandy for assist. I hope this starts the drive again to rid this department and it’s crooks and lt St Louis county take over.

    • 2cents

      Pine lawn or not. Officer just did his job! Glad this story didn’t end tragically spread the word. Slugs don’t run no more they just shoot at the shadow!

  • TheEasyWayOut

    All anyine has to do is look at Fox 2 News “You paid for it” for the last year and you will see the corruption that goes on at Pine Lawn. You can Goggle Pine Lawn police department and it will show you the ……the lawsuits by other police officers against this police department, the police unnecessary use of force against teachers and citizens, the Federal Civil Rights lawsuits and the inappropriate use of Red Light ticket money/Appear in court warrants issued to citizens. Corruption to the Core,,,,,,,,,Where is the St. Louis County Prosecutor, where are the news agencies with their investigations, where is the local FBI??????????

  • joe harper

    Im sure the suspect was a simple, white collar, high profile, upstanding citizen. Not! I guarantee a typical hood rat. They all run for a reason!

    • TheEasyWayOut

      I guess the police officer in Chesterfield with Porno camera was an upstanding citizen, the police officers in Brenkridge who robbed a drug dealer of herion and cash, split the cash and gave the herion to another drug dealer were upstanding citizens, I guess illegal use of Red light ticket revenues by Pine Lawn police department is upstanding citizenship at work………I guess the STL county prosecutor or the FBI will be A call from upstanding citizens like Joe Harper and Bill Hitchcock………To Serve and Protect WHO is the question?

      • rose

        THE_E_W_OUT, All these corrupt people you are talking about got caught and are getting everything they deserve, probably more due tho their positions, as they should. When a cop pulls you over, at 3 A. M., in a high crime area, you don’t get out of the car and run, much less get into a physical struggle with an officer, you might get shot.

  • Sick of Entitlement

    It’s amazing. “They” don’t want the labels. “They” don’t want the names. “They” don’t want the stereotype.

    But when one goes online, opens the paper, or turns on the news this is the stuff we see. All the time. Without fail. Typical north side/county uncaged, wild animal behavior. But I guess we’re not supposed to notice.

    • Kevin Liddell

      How the hell do you know St.louis county has being trying for years to take over many of this police departments because of corruption and racial profiling. For the idiot racist on these blog try to grow the hell up with your hood rat comments

  • His Cousin

    You all really need to stop with all the hood rat comments. They only show your true ignorance! This man has a family just like you. So stop… and find something to do with your time other than name call… (so preschool). You never know a persons store… Have a blessed day! Signed his cousin

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