Family rallies for peace after violent weekend

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ST. LOUIS, MO (KTVI) - A violent weekend in St. Louis included 2 homicides and multiple non-fatal shootings. More than 100 mourners came out to 2nd and Carr Streets to remember the life of murder victim Bariah Crump. The 28-year-old was shot and killed early Saturday morning.

"You all took away a father, a boyfriend, a brother, a son and a provider and a protector to me and a lot of people,” said Tynishia Bibbs, Crumps girlfriend.

St. Louis Metropolitan Police also responded to a homicide on the 34-hundred block of Cherokee Street Sunday. Police said a suspect was in custody.

As of last week, the St. Louis Metropolitan Police Department reported 52 homicides for this year. That compares to 38 for the same time last year.

Some of the non-fatal violence from this weekend included a stabbing at Grand and Kossuth, an exchange of gunfire with 4 victims struck near Natural Bridge and Marcus, two teenagers wounded on the 42-hundred block of Cottage and a shooting in the 47-hundred block of North 20th Street.

"It's taken us too long to begin to deal with the issue at the root which is in our families and in our neighborhood," said Better Family Life director James Clark.

His organization targets at-risk neighborhoods with door to door assistance.

"And if we believe that this gets better without direct resource delivery into our neighborhoods, we are sadly mistaken,” said Clark.

A tearful mourner at Sunday’s rally agreed.

"Our community is so angry. I know we need resources but we can’t resort to violence,” said Locha Brooks.

"Let's put our guns down St. Louis,” said Bibbs. "Let's just stop this because no one deserved this."


  • Cit Riverview

    Have empathy for the family on their lost. But the culture that spawn those killers come out of the Black community. No excuses like being poor,or not enough education or your Great grand father was a slave. “You” Black parent/s start looking at what you fail to do with your children. You are responsible for that man lying dead in a casket at some funeral home.

  • ean12967

    The inner-city black culture is nothing more than thugs running loose with absolutely zero accountability from the community. Please stop blaming others and look at how you raise your children to grow up as thugs. Only then will you realize there’s no one else to blame but your own people.

  • Steven Sweeney

    This ongoing struggle will continue until the black community throws away the race card mentality and takes responsibility at home.This means real parents with values, not baby mamas and baby daddys.When kids are raised right, they stay right.Simple as that.

  • michelle

    Didn’t know crime had a color. ..yall kill yall parents shoot up school…wats yall reason. ..once your kids are grown wat they did is on them

    • rose

      MICHELLE, Your comment is not helping your community or the problem. I suppose you don’t believe a “kid” needs to learn or be taught anything until they are 15 or 16, that would be grown to you, right? If they want to help the community, who actually should be helping themselves and not be so dependent on others, arm the good people to shoot the bad people to protect themselves. If they don’t want to do this, at least take a class and learn the Bob and Weave Technic. I feel for the families of ALL the victims, it just never ends. Stop giving people so many negative things to comment on.

    • Cit Riverview

      I might be wasting my time responding to you. The amount of shootings at all those incident you sighted, can NOT compare to the amount of Black on Black crime perpetrated in our urban cities NOT EVEN CLOSE! Your position is similar to those of children in grade school, “If Billy did it, why can’t I” That position is what has damages the Black culture IMHO. I’ll say this here and Now, White People are not perfect, there, are you happy? Now get out from in front of that TV and start fixing those problems people have stated. Like Smoky the Bear said “ONLY YOU CAN STOP ————————–

  • Amanda Nicole Duncan

    Michelle I’m gne need you to watch what you say, that’s my god sister and my brother who got shot…if u can’t speak positivity to help stop crime then keep your ignorant comments to your self please.

  • Lee

    I lived in St, Louis for 20 yrs and I agree with the comment rose made about people in the neighborhood taking to the streets with weapons. Being a Black man who lived on the north-side I know we can’t depend on the police to protect use. These thugs will continue to act out forget the preaching it wont do anything. Time to start killing them.

    • Cit Riverview

      Mr. Lee, The police can’t protect you! they are reactionary. I’m not sure vigilantism is the answer. The Solution starts in the Home.. Parent/s is the first teachers. The IMHO is, the WORD PARENT and the plural is PARENTS. If you look at some of the studies of Men in prison and some cases women they didn’t come from a two parent house hold. Now my next statement might PEE on some of the women beliefs, but Women Can’t raise children along. It takes some harness of a Father figure to instill good behavior into their male and female children. This is just a simple little thing that some in the Black community has abdicated to the State (Government.)

      • rose

        CIT, You didn’t pee on me, I agree 100%. I am from a large family, we made sure to not have the police to ever call our Dad, we feared him, but only in these ways. The father has to be there and BE a father. It is hard for a woman alone the same as a man alone raising children. Between work and home, raising children pretty well consumes your life for many years, honestly, I don’t see this happening in this community. This generation, and the one before this one, is too selfish, and have not been taught. They honestly don’t know how it is supposed to be or how to do it.

    • rose

      LEE, perhaps I didn’t say things right and you misunderstood me. I don’t mean to just start killing people. I just meant if the good people would arm themselves for protection, and start fighting back, they might get some of the message being sent. It sounds extreme to some, but people have been pushed to possibly extreme measures. The problems in this community have elevated to a war zone, they have to participate in cleaning up their mess.


    You know what the black Community needs to do is have a march maybe down mlk yea that will take care of all there problems or maybe buy some teddy bears for all the street lights were little Ray Tay asha mcfinabrown was killed problem solved.

  • mary

    Its very sad that so many people are quick to say a fatherless homes, zip codes, and government assistance causes violence. .you all are right by saying the home is where it begins.but who are you to past judgement without knowing these victims lives. There is an epidemic in the black community..the hope and encouragement is gone because the media only portrays death and dishonorable actions..but for those who love to look at statistics please educate me on how much crime has increased since art programs and enrichment programs were cut from school curriculums..
    violence comes in every color and tax bracket and is all over the world. Please stop joking and making harsh comments about someone’s life. Hope that their family is strong enough to move forward and this tragedy will be a tool to bring a community together.

    • Cit Riverview

      “It’s very sad that so many people are quick to say a fatherless homes, zip codes, and government assistance causes violence. .you all are right by saying the home is where it begins.but who are you to past judgement without knowing these victims lives”

      We as a society can and will pass Judgments It’s based on Behaviors. There’s no reason we can’t,. We judge people all the time, just because their Black they don’t get a pass. That horse has left the Barn. We see what’s going on in Chicago with their murder rate (most on the South side of Chicago (black areas) we see the behavior here in St. Louis city and north county (Populated with a high percentage of Blacks).Yes we will judge,

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