Must see: Wedding photos capture tornado in background

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(KTVI)-A professional photographer in Saskatchewan, Canada took some pretty amazing wedding photos Saturday. Colleen Niska was shooting the outdoor photos when a tornado formed in the stormy skies overhead. The couple can be seen walking along a flooded road in the foreground, with the severe weather safely in the distance.

Niska posted the photos to her Facebook page early Sunday morning. Popular tornado chaser Reed Timmer shared the photos, leading other to follow suit.

Niska said on Facebook, “Pretty sure this will only happen once in my lifetime!”


  • bwelch

    If you didn’t already know where that Saskatchewan is a province and what country it is in, you need to go back to school.

  • Jacob D Calkins

    “know where that Saskatchewan is a province”… Which are you complaining about? That people don’t know WHERE it is, or THAT it’s a province? Maybe you should go to school in #AMERICA and learn to speak ENGLISH (or England, if you prefer).

  • azriel

    They’re actually not photoshopped. We had at least 2 confirmed (and possibly more) tornadoes touch down in the province that day. What makes it look totally faked is the “photographer” butchered the shots with her horrible editing of the pictures. But everyone who has a digital camera and a copy of photoshop thinks they’re a “professional” photographer these days.

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