Quinn signs ballot question on birth control

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CHICAGO, IL (AP) _ Gov. Pat Quinn has signed a November ballot question that’ll ask voters if they think prescription drug coverage plans should be required to include birth control.

The Chicago Democrat inked the non-binding question Sunday. In a statement, Quinn says a recent U.S. Supreme Court decision on birth control has brought the issue of women’s rights to the forefront.

Illinois already requires insurance providers that cover prescription drugs to also cover FDA-approved contraceptive drugs for women.

State Sen. Iris Martinez sponsored that legislation, which became law in 2003. She’s a sponsor of the ballot measure and says t’s necessary to make the argument stronger in light of the Affordable Care Act and court disputes.

But Republicans argue it’s a gimmick intended to boost Democratic voter turnout.


The bill is HB5755.



    Wow, look, Illinois actually puts meaningful measures about freedom and corporate responsibility on their ballot, for citizens to vote on.

    Here in Republican hick Missouri? We only get to vote on a measure to pay higher taxes so the rich can get a huge tax break (the “Transportation Tax” bill), a measure to allow abusive puppy mills (the phony “freedom to farm” bill, should be called “freedom to abuse animals bill”), and a measure to allow the unregulated proliferation of guns (the phony “gun rights” bill).

    Yes, those Republicans here in Missouri are doing such a FINE JOB of representing all the people here in Missouri – well, no, actually just the tiny minority of wealthy property and business owners and the faithful legions of ignorant rural hicks who support them ’cause they hate blacks.


      Here’s an idea Marie, please move to Illinois and start a fresh life. Maybe you won’t be so hateful and ignorant to others believes.


    Last week many people were surprised by a recent Gallup survey showing that Illinois leads the USA in people wanting to leave their home state. A whopping 50% of the population would like to leave. And Illinois was 2nd from the top with percentage of people who have high intent to actually leave (at 19%.) So if those two groups overlap Illinois could lose 10% of its population in short order!

    If ever there was one, this has to be a wake-up call!

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