Baby badly burned by fireworks in playpen

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YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio (AP) - A 4-month-old in a playpen on her Ohio porch was critically injured when a neighbor's fireworks landed on her.

A witness told police a 10-year-old neighbor of the Youngstown baby kicked over a lit tubular firework, which shot into the playpen, burning the child.

The baby was flown to the burn unit at Akron Children's Hospital following the late Friday night accident.

The child's grandmother, Carol McCormick, injured her fingers rescuing the baby. She tells WFMJ-TV in Youngstown the child's entire face is burned.

A spokeswoman at Akron Children's Hospital could not immediately confirm the child's condition Monday.

Police are investigating.


  • Dawn

    I took my 10 month old to watch fireworks on Friday evening and she is perfectly fine. I do believe this was an accident. Always have to blame someone

  • Lori Rogers

    First off, it was a4 month old. The neighbor was 10 years old. My baby was 3 months this 4th. We took her to see fireworks. It was an accident by another child. The parents did nothing wrong. I pray for all involved.

  • Mona

    Troy she wasn’t a 10 month old she is a 4 month old. First of all you don’t leave a child that young in a house by themselves. If you watched the video you could tell they were under a covered porch. Second of all SHAME on you for saying to take the child away. THEY DID NOTHING WRONG.!! That’s like saying don’t go outside because a misquito might bite you and you will catch an infection or something. I mean seriously..Accidents happen and this one could have been avoided. What you should be asking is where were the parents of the 10 year old who kicked the fireworks? At 10 years old they know right from wrong. My prayers are with this family for a speedy recovery.

  • Annie

    Bottom line is….the child will be literally “scarred” for life,… if….she survives. Prayers that she will with minimal scarring on her body. But, my concerning question would be….why were they so close to where the fireworks were being shot off? Fireworks can shoot hundreds/thousands of feet! I am not blaming the parents, but common sense should have told them to keep a safe distance from anywhere near where they were being let off. I, myself, would have let the baby watch thru a window INSIDE the home (with an adult of course). Not to mention the noise of them can be detrimental to their little eardrums. It doesn’t matter whether they Love them or not, you do what’s best and protective for their health and well-being. I can’t sympathize for the parents, but I do sympathize for the poor child.

    • commonsensewoman

      Your’s is just about the ONLY post other than mine from anyone with ANY common sense!! You are a great mom!!!

  • commonsensewoman

    Anyone with half a brain would have put the baby inside the house if only right inside the door. All you fools who let your young ones be near fireworks that are being lit by children or rank amateurs need to have your heads examined once you get them out of your behinds!! No apologies on this either….

  • Nobody important (@1nobodyhome)

    Still they are liable for it. I hope they have to pay for their neighbor’s medical bills. That is about as far as you can go with blame. Their insurance or whatever should pay for this and pain and suffering. I hope they feel awful about and I m sure they do. No more fireworks in neighborhoods. Stupid.

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