Chesterfield cop indicted for secretly recording men in gas station restroom

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CHESTERFIELD, Mo (KTVI) - A Grand Jury indicted a former Chesterfield cop for secretly recording men using the bathroom.

Fox Files investigator Chris Hayes broke the case last month after tracking videos to a bathroom at a Mobile on the Run on Clarkson.  Fox 2 turned over investigative research that led detectives to one of their own officers.

David Cerna now faces felony invasion of privacy charges.  According the the probable cause statement, investigators have been able to identify at least six victims.


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  • rose

    Authorities should let the guys, he recorded in the batroom, get a hold him. That alone would be severe punishment and victim satisfaction at the same time.

  • David

    Have fun in the joint David….I’m sure you will find a few like minded fellows that you can have fun with.

  • I tried to tell you..

    I tried to tell you about this officer back in December, but no one listen to me? Now, you finally found out what I suspected back in December!

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