De Soto woman reunited with stolen ring 25 years later

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DE SOTO, MO (KTVI) – Social media reunites a woman with her 1959 De Soto graduation ring 25 years after it was stolen.

Alisa Waltland and her family were admiring her great nephew’s senior class ring when out of the blue her nephew said; I found a class ring in Richter Park a few years ago. Alisa took a picture of it and posted it, “If you grew up in De Soto’s” Facebook page and people started to respond.

Margie Elders, known as Margie Isgrig in 1959 worked in the cafeteria to buy her own graduation ring.

Alisa’s nephew was using a metal detector at Richter Park and dug up this ring a couple of years ago, but couldn’t find out who it belonged to until Alisa took a closer look at it.

She took a picture of the ring and posted it on Facebook and reunited the owner with her ring.

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  • Jerry Boyer

    I created the page a couple of years ago just hoping to relive some of the past with about 20 friends. Within hours we had hundreds of people sharing memories and reconnecting with old friends. The awesome folks in the groups (there’s also a Festus page) have spent hours at a time posting stories and photos that have allowed some people to even find long lost friends and family. I couldn’t have ever imagined how special that page has become. Thanks for this story Angie!


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