Illinois contraceptive care

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Former Illinois Governor Pat Quinn.

(KTVI) – Illinois voters will get their say on the controversial Hobby Lobby Supreme Court case.  Sunday, Governor Pat Quinn signed a law putting a non-binding referendum on the November sixth ballot.  Voters will be asked whether health insurance plans in Illinois that cover prescription drugs should be required to include birth control.

Quinn says he believes the referendum will help continue the progress that has been made to protect and empower women in Illinois.  The governor called last week’s U.S. Supreme Court decision in the Hobby Lobby case “disappointing and distressing.”

The high court ruled  birth control measures can be excluded from employer-provided prescription drug coverage, if it goes against the employer’s religious beliefs.


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    Last week many people were surprised by a recent Gallup survey showing that Illinois leads the USA in people wanting to leave their home state. A whopping 50% of the population would like to leave. And Illinois was 2nd from the top with percentage of people who have high intent to actually leave (at 19%.) So if those two groups overlap Illinois could lose 10% of its population in short order!

    If ever there was one, this has to be a wake-up call!

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