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Mother says Facebook threatened to ban her for life for posting this photo

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

A North Carolina’s mother’s photo of her young daughter gets her temporarily banned from Facebook.

The mom Jill White told WBTV that snapped a photo of her daughter playing with a  friend at the beach.  The image looks like the classic sunscreen ad of a puppy pulling on a little girl’s swimsuit.   White said she posted the image but later learned someone had tagged it as pornographic.

Facebook demanded she remove it but she refused She said the image wasn’t at all sexually suggestive.

White says she’ll keep the photo up with the image of the little girl’s behind covered.

Read more from WBTV: Facebook: Hickory mom not facing lifetime ban over daughter’s photo


  • nicole seng

    wow that is ridiculous that is just a cute child like picture just like the Coppertone ad I can’t believe someone would go have a cow over such a cute picture I think it’s ridiculous and I think its just fine

    • Jo

      I think the picture is really cute. It is just I can’t be the only one thinking mom is a photographer, with a business that has it’s watermark over every picture replicated by the media, perhaps this is less about cute and more about mom is getting exactly what she wants, free advertising.

  • Linda Coonrod Arnold

    While I don’t agree with Facebook or whoever reported it as pornagraphic, I personally wouldn’t put a picture of my child like that on there simply because of all the pervs who troll on there.

  • David

    That old add was from a world where people could look at little kids and not get arroused. Speaking of…who was it that flagged it?

    • Brenda Denton Langbein

      Oh those same type of people got aroused by looking at children, it was just swept under the rug when something happened. Now with social media and more people willing to talk about it, it’s more out in the open. We all (those of us a certain age) had that one uncle that was just a little inappropriate around the kids….

  • Author Newoka LaShelle

    ‘I have seen everything from pornography, children beaten and abused, to videos of murder posted on face book. This story caught my attention because even after reporting the content it is still there. I do not see what the big deal is over this mom’s photo.However, I do have concerns about my security/privacy on face book because of unwanted scam contact in my private in-box, being added to groups I have never heard of by others and messages from people who are not even on my friend’s list. In my opinion they can focus on that because before face book there was My Space, Yahoo 360, Black Planet and I am sure some genius will think of something else.

  • cari (@ladyc8888)

    There are pics that ive reported, such as topless teenagers, dead babies and other dead bodies and they responded to me that it was not deemed inappropriate ugh, if underaged girls posing with nips out and bare butts is ok then this pic should be left alone!!!!!

  • kelley

    Seriously? ?? Iv seen some of the most horrific things I wish i never had to see on fb and they call this offensive. .. what a joke foreal!!! I love this pic and think it’s adorable… fb needs to worry about the Nasty teens and other ignorant people on fb b4 messing with this lady!

  • Sherry Kay Wright-Smith

    We just live in different times. What was once considered cute and innocent has now devolved into something sick and twisted…because of the pervs that are out there. I have countless pictures that were taken of me as a baby with the tushy exposed. It was common in those days to take pics of babies and small toddlers in the bath, the sink, in buckets, etc. Now that is designated as pornography. We just have to make changes to accommodate the safety of our children.

  • metatronking

    Being threatened with a lifetime ban from facebook? That sounds like the same as getting a call from donald trump threatening to pay all your bills.

    • voiceofreason

      I agree with this statement. Facebook being banned from the earth would be the best thing anyone could do for our society. It is the channel of ignorant, hateful, trashy, narcissistic, and lazy youth everywhere. I won’t let my kids have a Facebook and they get mad but guess what? I don’t care because I’d rather know my kids are safe and not being exploited than care how they feel about me as a parent. And more of you parents standing up to your kids and doing the same would change alot.

  • christie hanson

    although where is the beach i dont see it in the back ground maybe if she added more pics to go along with it of the girls playing the beach it wouldnt look like what everyone is saying it is just saying im a mom to but im just pointing out what i see wrong here i dont see the sky and i dont see anyone in the back ground or water or sand for that fact so i would like to see actual beach pic just to make sure they are on the beach and where the say they really r u know just say but i can see why some one said what they did but at the same time it is wrong to down a mom for posting a pic of there own daughter but now adays how do u really know if this person is really who they say they r or really a mom the internet is full of people pretending to be someone there not or stealing someone elses picture and saying its there pic when really its not like the program on mtv so dont trust anyone unless u really now thats what i would say but ask her to prove that she has more real pics at the beach 1st then if she cant then banned her and turn her in

  • Tiffany Paulette

    It is really sad that face book will threaten a loving mother for enjoying the beauty and pureness of her child, but support violence every single minute in a day. What about all the bullying, murders, suicides , young girls/boys posing naked more than often. What about cries out from mothers, fathers, aunts, uncles, and so fourth for deactivation from face book death row. Face book is not a fan of love, peace nor honor people:(….

  • Kim Branstetter

    No, it isn’t a pornographic picture to NORMAL people. And it is a cute, but unfortunately this picture would definitely set a pedophile off! I wouldn’t post it if it were me. Just remove it, put it in a beautiful frame and put in your home somewhere.

  • jcpnknife

    wow i really like it i think it’s cute, i say go ahead post that picture online and show it with pride with her cute exposed bottom i really like it, i’ve seen the movie north where his buttocks was exposed on the billborad 1994 classie and i say go ahead post that photo of that little girl at the beach with her baithing suit getting pulled down i really think it’s sweet
    showing her cute bottom i like it. good job jill white keep up the good work.i think it’s a cute bottom i love it.

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