Need a job? AT&T has over a hundred open spots

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(KTVI) – Telecommunications company AT&T is hiring.

The company announced a search to fill 130 positions in the St. Louis metro area for retail stores and the expansion of its U-verse services.

Company officials are looking for at least 70 technicians for installation and customer service positions for digital TV, high-speed internet and voice services.

Managers are also looking for approximately 60 retail consultants for area stores.

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    • B

      Deal with the devil you are making ….run don’t walk….I was there ten years received every merit award….it’s is the worst place to work

    • larry

      Total crappie place to work…worse company in the world to work for….I resigned. …was not fired just because of the way they treat their employees with no job lined up. ….I advise fast food over att

  • B

    Maybe the real story should be about the hundreds of thousands of union workers they let go over the past years in order for these jobs to be open….now they realize we are the ones with all the knowledge and want to hire us back for a fraction of the pay and benefits. ATT doesn’t care about it’s employees that held the “ship” afloat as the print book went unused and as wasn’t made into a usable, credible website. I’m on my second grad degree, have been unemployed for over a year and lose health insurance this month. I am also a single mother with no child support. There should be a “people of ATT forum to post horror stories.” I gave them ten years of my life they threw us away like garbage.

    • Erica

      My husband was with ATT among all its other names for 22 years. Laid off and cant find anything else now. No one wants to hire a former ATT HR Director with 2 bschelor degrees and a Masters…. I dont get it….


      I have worked for AT&T for 13 yrs but August 2nd is my last day. They are letting go of over 200 of us go here in Springfield, Il. All AT&T cares about is getting larger and gobbling up any company in its way. They bought DirectTV for 20 billion dollars but the cost of many of its employees in Illinois and California. Believe me don’t waste your time with AT&T they could care less for LOYAL employees.

    • B

      Unless you have worked there you have no idea. I have college degrees and it has left me and my child practically homeless….I was a stellar employee…please don’t rave about what u don’t know.

  • will

    The way the company treat their employees I would not even wish this job on my worst enemy ….keep seeking bcz if you go here you will have new found health issues that you never thought was possible to get!

  • nathanh

    Negative reviews from disgruntled former employees. I’m sorry but your gonna get that no matter where you are. I’m still applying.

  • Beck

    SWB telephone was a great place to work until Mr. W. took over and turned it into AT&T. Myself and thousands of others have had our jobs offshored, outsourced or whatever you want to call it, after years of faithful service.

  • Randy Stephenson

    I’d rather have my balz slammed in a car door than go back to work for AT&T. They rule in fear and consider their employees as nothing but an expense that must be cut.

  • Bad company

    These aren’t new positions. These are the old positions from all the people that quit. One of the best paying jobs I have ever had. But also definitely the worst job ever. And what’s worse is that as a job it was actually enjoyable. Just the management by fear made the job completely intolerable. It was always if you don’t make half a percent higher efficiency, we will have to fire you. That is just how they operate. And they accept that that’s how it is. No one that’s there likes it. But that’s just how it is. I would never go back. I was a good employee. I did a good job every day. And even though there was the constant threat of getting fired for impossible to always obtain performance metric numbers. I don’t think they would have fired me. But the stress of never knowing if they really were going to fire me was enough to make me leave.

  • Kayla Lehnen

    They need more customer service representatives!! A billion dollar corporation and I’m stuck on hold for more than an hour is ridiculous!?! Oh and hire people that speak fluent English would ya? This is AMERICA!

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