Alton police confiscated over 300 pounds of illegal fireworks

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ALTON, IL (KTVI0 - Alton police confiscated thousands of dollars worth of fireworks and some of the fireworks sent one kid to Cardinal Glennon Children`s Hospital. Alton police Chief Jason Simmons says officers responded to 80 complaints and seized more than 350 pounds of fireworks over the holiday weekend.

It`s one of the largest hauls they have ever seen. All of the fireworks were taken from teenagers. FOX2 also found one man who was burned by stray fireworks. He lives in the same Alton neighborhood where 16 -year-old lost a thumb when a firework exploded in his hand. Chief Simmons also says people should know the laws before buying fireworks.

'Fireworks are illegal, there are venues to view fireworks. Sparklers and other things are perfectly legal in Illinois but some of these things are not legal and young kids possessing this can be dangerous.' said Simmons

You can check the Illinois State Fire Marshal`s website to find out what`s legal. If caught with illegal fireworks you can face a $120 fine and a misdemeanor charges. The fireworks will be destroyed by a licensed firework company by the end of the week.

The total value of the fireworks is $15,000.

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  • Joe

    They should have brought them to St. Louis City! They have done NOTHING this 4th. City sounded like a war zone on the 4th, well more than usual!

  • Bob

    300 pounds? Is that all? I saw a guy at a fireworks store in Franklin county have that much in one shopping cart.

  • Buck O'Famagh

    Oh, Thank God! I’ll sleep so much better knowing that some teenagers have been busted for fireworks possession. Sheesh! We allow our country to be invaded through the southern border and do nothing about it and worry about teens with fireworks. When I was a kid, you could buy just about anything in terms of fireworks and use them in STL County. Somewhere along the line they took away our freedom to celebrate our freedom. This country is committing suicide with Dr. Barackian pushing the syringe.

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