Four pimps jailed following child prostitution ring bust

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Tempe, AZ (KPHO) – Four pimps are off the streets of Tempe after getting busted for running a child prostitution ring. Police said three teenagers were lured in, bribed with clothes and hair and nail treatments.

“We have these three victims, these three girls, two 15-year-olds and one 16-year-old that were put into this life that they didn’t choose,” said Tempe police Lt. Michael Pooley.

He said they first learned of the ring in February, when they were called out for a fight at a local motel.

“When our officers got out there, Tony Gamble had grabbed the hair of one of the victims, pulling so hard, pulling her weave out,” Pooley said.

After serving more than 30 search warrants, police finally had enough evidence to arrest Chauntill Porter, Jalecia Bouldin, Arsenio Knox and Gamble for luring at least three victims into prostitution.

“They were walking from their home to a store and these guys, being charismatic and very playful, it was appealing to them,” Pooley said.

Pooley said this went on for about five weeks. At first the pimps would force them to commit small crimes and then, under the threat of turning them over to police, even drove them to Las Vegas for prostitution.

“They never received one cent from these guys. They were used to gain money for their own purpose,” Pooley said.

While the most recent victims are now in safe places, Pooley said he is concerned there could be more victims out there.

“This is not what they planned on doing when they were little. This is not what they planned on doing with the rest of their life,” Pooley said. “It’s a life they’re forced into.”

By Lindsey Reiser


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