Late night swim leads to child abuse charges

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ST. CLAIR COUNTY, IL (KTVI) - The Fourth of July holiday weekend took a devastating turn for one St. Clair County family.  The father, 25 year-old Miguel Luna, is charged with endangering and abusing his young daughter.  Investigators say he took her into a dangerously cold swimming pool and struck her.

St. Clair County Sheriff Rick Watson says it all started with too much liquor: “The man gets intoxicated. He takes his daughter into a pool, when it’s about 60 degrees outside, and somehow the daughter gets bruises and different marks on her, and while he had the child in the pool. So he takes the child back into the house, the mother sees it, and takes the child to the hospital.”

Because of the late night swim, the two year-old girl suffered from hypothermia, and Watson says the bruises on her face and body looked suspicious.  “Some of them were marks like handprints,” he says.

At 4:30 Sunday morning, which happened to be the suspect’s 25th birthday, sheriff’s deputies were called to Memorial Hospital in Belleville to investigate.

Luna is now behind bars in the St. Clair County Jail, charged with aggravated battery and endangering a child.

Meanwhile, the Illinois Department of Children and Family Services is investigating the allegations of abuse.  A department spokesperson says the little girl and her sister, who was born less than two weeks ago, are both staying with a relative.

The two year-old girl is expected to recover.  Watson explains, “I don’t believe the injuries were anything that was life-threatening, but it’s not consistent with the way you would treat a human being, especially a small child.”

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  • josh

    That is very sick why would u hurt ur child or even go as far as putting them in a pool when its cold out I swear some people should not be aloud to have kids! Where was the mother when this was going out why didn’t she stop it!!!!!

    • rose

      JOSH, With a new baby the mother may have been asleep, I’m glad she had enough sense to take the child to the hospital. He should be behind bars a long time and never be allowed to see his children again. By allowing him to see them would be jeopardizing their lives.

  • nate burch

    Hahaha thats what his duma** Gets..hope he gets 5 yrs or more hes a bum anyways no one is gonna miss him..hopefully he catches a beat down in the ghetto st clair county

  • TheREALByeBye2TheCorporateRite

    Now THIS is the kind of sick perv we should be imprisoning – this is FAR FAR FAR worse than having a dirty naked pic of a 16-year-old (if you need that explained to you, go seek some help with rational thought).

    But in the end, this guy will get 2 days in jail, if that (probably probation), yet if he touched her on her breast for a second, then he’ll get 10 years! Makes sense, don’t it (see rational thought suggestion, above)??

    If society is lucky, perhaps one of those violent hits will have left a mark near a private area, and they WILL be able to charge him with a se*xual offense, and he’ll THEN get the time in prison he deserves.

    Otherwise, the violence and physical abuse continues unabated, and in fact almost accepted by the American justice system. Well, why not I guess – the threat of violence is what keeps America running in its current state, isn’t it? What could be more American than kicking somebody in the groin to get what they want?

    • NickIsConcerned

      I find your comparison of this to pedophilia and apparent attempt at making it seem like less of a crime to be really disturbing. Your comment is basically stating it’s okay to have dirty pics of 16 year old and that we as a people overreact to pedophilia. You are really jacked up.

      • Steven Sweeney

        Bye Bye short eyes ALWAYS does that-unless it’s a priest-otherwise exploiting kids is in his words”trivial religious morals.” Makes you wonder about bye bye’s hobbies, doesn’t it?

    • youcantbeserious

      I am very disturbed by your comparison. Sounds to me like you have a thing for young girls. Maybe you should be behind bars since your mmentality is soooo far off of what is normal rational thinking.

  • yolanda cruse

    this is not true .the mother lies and is crazy!!!she is the one who should be behind bars!!!!!

  • yolanda cruse

    i no there is no way for the public to no what really is going on but there is prof of the mother being a liar ,she has told so many diff stories to so many ppl its sad really because of her lies she has messed up someones life,there are many ppl that no he is a good guy he has never hurt or will never hurt any child..!

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