Lawmakers to study drones before crafting laws

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Hartford, CT (WFSB) – Questions about who can pick up and fly a drone in Connecticut could be answered by lawmakers after a study is conducted.

Whether it’s over the beach or in a backyard, many people said they were concerned about privacy. Right now, there are no clear laws about the use of drones in the state and anyone can get their hands on one.

However, some lawmakers said there were some positives to using them.

The machines are relatively inexpensive at the mall for a couple hundred dollars. They could also be controlled by a smartphone. Many come with small digital cameras attached that can take snap photos and videos from a bird’s eye view.

That’s why drones are such a hot issue, according to lawmakers.

Recently, drones have been used in interesting ways. The Tilted Kilt restaurant in Milford claimed to be the first place to deliver wings with drones.

Just this past week, a video of someone flying a drone through fireworks to get a different perspective of the show went viral on the internet.

Some said they could help police with surveillance and aid firefighters who only have seconds to determine how fast a building was burning.

However, there were real concerns that if there were no laws on the books dealing specifically with drones, they can violate privacy.

A woman in Madison seemed to feel that way back in May. Things got heated when she told a 17-year-old to stop flying his drone over the beach at Hammonasset State Park.

Lawmakers admit that they have a lot to look at over the next few months.

Right now, more than 20 other states have clear regulations in place when it comes to flying drones. Lawmakers said they’ll look at those and study other issues surrounding drones before the next legislative session in January.

By Kate Rayner

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  • Charley

    Lawmakers to study drones before crafting laws. Are they going to do a study on themselves before crafting new laws? Aren’t most of the politicians in any area of the political field DRONES themselves? Hello!! Why worry about the little flying drones, when the government spies on all of us every day of the year. The Patriot act condones such invasion of privacy, on every level. I guess they do not like the competition. They have bigger issues to worry about other than Little flying objects. Stop wasting our tax dollars on nonsense low priority things like this.

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