Lincoln County residents along Mississippi waiting for river to crest

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CLARKSVILLE, MO (KTVI) – Clarksville Missouri was a ghost town Tuesday.  Most of the downtown businesses known for their charm had shut down due to Mississippi River flooding.

“There’s hardly anybody here because there’s basically only one way in and out-of-town,” said gas station worker Karen Eudy.

Some homes have already taken on water.  The Mississippi is expected to crest on Wednesday at 35 feet.   Some residents are riding out the night with a wall of sandbags around their home.

“I haven’t had any sleep in probably 3 days now because I’m scared,” said Clarksville resident Connie Rest.  Her grandsons were securing sandbags around her home as water crept up to the bags.

“It’s like waiting to see if it’s going to get you are not,” said Rest.

Melissa Roberson started to tear up as she talked about leaving her home until flood waters recede.

“The hardest part is not knowing how long you have to wait, what to pack and you don’t know when you’re going to come back home,” said Roberson.

Some residents said the flooding is also squeezing their gas budget.  A trip to nearby Louisiana, MO now takes some commuters an extra 45 minutes.  Tisha Reeves says she has a minimum wage job and can’t afford to burn that much extra gas to go to work.

“You go because you want to keep your job,” said Reeves.  “

Some residents say there have not been as many volunteers to help as there has been in years past.   They thank the ones who have helped.

“We’re just thankful for the help we have received,” said one resident.  “Now we just sit and wait.”a

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